Student Athletes Should Get Paid

Updated September 17, 2021

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Student Athletes Should Get Paid essay

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After college, there are so many athletes that don’t make it to the pros and don’t have any money. As a result, have no financial savings or wealth. Well, there are a lot of people in the world that say that college athletes should get paid by there ability to be playing for what sport they are playing for. Only a quarter of athletes make it to the pros each year and there a lot of students that don’t know what to do after college. That’s why student-athletes should get paid from there coaches, video games, and finance. One reason is the coach of a team makes money when a colllege team does good and win.

The players work hard and get no reward. because they are not getting any money for it. College athletes would need the money for education and after college if they don’t go pro. Nick saven makes 75 million dollars for coaching Alabamas football team. when they win a bowl game or go undefeated the coaches get paid more. Most of the coaches for college teams make more Money than NFL players.

Lastly, coaches are making there players sign with there choice of endorsements with Nike, Addidas, or Under Armour. According to Drew Stokesbary article from the MyNorthWest, it said about the Washington Huskies is “We have this enterprise worth billions and billions of dollars, and 90 percent or more of the value of the enterprise is created by the student-athletes themselves,” he noted. “The NCAA is essentially acting as a cartel here prohibiting students from receiving any compensation outside of their scholarship.

The second reason is video games. EA Sports made five football video games and made three college basketball video games and they didn’t get paid anything. Rookie NFL stars get paid 225,000 a year for them just putting them in a video game. In the college games, they don’t put their names in the game. but if a player is on the front cover, the athlete should get paid because they are using the players face for there companies product. Millions of kids buy those games and the players that are in the game get nothing. That’s why a lot of college football teams sued EA sports for not paying the players and putting them in the game The last reason is finance. Sometimes some colleges would pay the players to come to that school to play for them. The team that pays the most money gets the better players when they pay the players it gets them ready for the pros.

According to Dennis Dod of CBS The average student-athlete will receive $2,000-$5,000 extra per school year. Also the starters make more money than the backups. Another is QB and backs get paid more than linmen do. According to Dennis Dodd from CBS, Some schools will be able offer total financial aid packages of $15,000-$20,000. Per year. Tax free. All of it before that scholarship money. Kansas State, for example, has calculated the four-year value of a scholarship plus COA at $182,000. Student-athletes should get paid from there coaches, video games, and finance.

The NCAA should take out half of what the coaches and the school makes and give it to the players. When they were making games about them they need to pay the players just like they do for Madden. Also each year college athletes should get paid fifteen to twenty thousand dolars a year. If they do that the players will have money to start a life after college if they dont make it to the pros.

Student Athletes Should Get Paid essay

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