Sport Media and Communication

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Intercollegiate sport is a huge and very profitable business. The media partners have started to become a great factors in the intercollegiate sports. Thus, there is an obvious need across most athletic programs to communicate with the public and to have media relations department. The scale of a unit is reliant on an ability of the program. The Myongi University (MU) Athletic is considerably prominent program that has the need for a powerful media relations department. The media relationship organization in the MU are responsible for the athletic communication department.

Based on the Myongi UnivcityMU athletic communications policies and procedures, the current mission of Myongi MU athletic communication department is to encourage athletic programs, students-athletes, coaches with positive mind in the competition, community for the improvement of athletic programs, Korea University Sports Federation (KUSF), College north conference, and Korean Football Association.

This is a very strong mission statement because it recognize the partners that play an important role in making it essential to have a department. The objectives of the media relations unit are to help organization to recruit the most skillful students-athletes, and to maintain a positive relationships with athletic department, coaches, and local and national media.

It is very important for communication unit to retain an environment that accelerate professional growth. And business units are financially in charge of resources that make cost-efficient media guide and announcement to encourage the Myongji UniversityMU athletic department. The basic policy emphasize that high level of specialty, responsibility, trust, commitment should be informed of all people’ works from part time students, employees, and interns, which will enable these goals to be satisfied.

The director of the department is Kim Sangyoo Kim who is in Athletic communications department. The unit has a greatly positive and robust relationship media because Myongji MU Athletic department’s reputation is well-knownwell known in Korea with many enthusiastic fan and huge alumni who try to have interest in event related to the Myongji MU Athletic department. Sports information directors in the media relations department promotes media’s requests.

These organizations are designated particular sports team and they supervise the continual requests coming from media. Even if Sports sports information directors should actively interact with media, the Sports sports information directors have to follow the rules of the KUSF in order to prevent the student-athlete and the organizations from giving rise to a negative publicity that would be possibly related to a KUSF rule violation. In addition, they need to be certain not to disclose confidential information which will have a negative impact on the Athletic department.

The media relations department encourages student-athletes and coaches to get trained in interview with respect to communication with the media. An official spokespersons are not officially written on the media relations policy. However, the assistant athletic directors for media communications could be responsible for the spokespersons in terms of their authorized duty.

In the policy, it says that “individual idea should be kept to yourself.” I think that the need for the consistency as one of the policies is not bad. Nevertheless, I would like to suggest that the communication departments should recognize there is other ways to avoid inevitable question that employees should personally answer by making some templet of consistent answers for the workers.

In preparing the ground for rules, media relations policy is very useful. However, I would like to give a suggestion in the office ground rules which can make better. One section says that “Don’t make student athletes wait. I agree that students-athletes are one of the important person in the athletic organization. Nevertheless, I think it looks like the policy imply the media partners’ time is less important than student-athletes. I recommend that they should modify the wording into one like “Please consider student-athletes’ time important.”


There is part of news media department in the KUSF. They are main intercollegiate sports media and have tremendous reach in the college with respect to readership. Moreover, it is easy for reporters and writers to have convenient access and approach to the campus because the media is on the campus. Song Junho is well-known reporter at the newspaper. Song is responsible for reporting college sport event.


Naver TV is kind of Internet base media. SPOTV is one of the popular sports broadcast. Because the Myongji UniversityMU Athletics department has considerable position in the college sports and value of brand, it would be tremendously valuable to utilize media for announcement.


FourFourtwo, Besteleven, and Dugout magazine are Magazines for base for soccer and baseball. They reports every college sports main issues and game results. Janggun who is renowned reporters for FourFourtwo magazine. FourFourtwo should be used for announcement because they have many regular subscription all of the area in Korea. Park.


Naver website has all information associated with athletics. But However, in based on one recommendation of media relation policy, it is needed to introduce fans to the website and explain how to search specific information that they need. When you connect that with the high brand loyalty of the Myeongji MU athletic department, it is more likely that the website could be a useful area where people can share announcement

Social Media

Facebook and Instagram are useful and effective media. A lot of fans are following the Athletic department’s pages on Facebook and Instagram. The sports information director is responsible for managing the social media. Many fans are activate in social media and they talk about the things related to Athletes department, which would help share announcement.

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