Impact of Smoking Campaigns on Students

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One factor about the source and the message that would influence the formation of a negative attitude to smoking in the students is the factor of an indirect experience toward smoking, this can be seen through mere exposure of the negative effects of smoking.

The source and the message will be coming from various bases such as advertisements that appear on the packaging of cigarette boxes that shows the risk of being afflicted with various diseases such as lung cancer and heart failure. As well as videos on the internet that shows the suffering experienced from former smokers that have to endure with the struggles of finance and heath problems that were caused from smoking, these videos will dissuade the students from taking a shot at smoking.

One of the two functions that a negative attitude to smoking will serve a student is being adaptive to the environment. This can be seen clearly if a student is being surrounded by other smokers which can induce peer pressure, this can be thoroughly ignored when the student develops a negative attitude towards smoking which will prevent the student from touching cigarettes thus maximizing the health of the student. Furthermore, the student’s negative attitude toward smoking will serve the student well by learning about the consequences of smoking. The student will learn to make better decisions in life rather than smoking which will damage the health and incur no health benefits. For example, the student will be encouraged to help friends and other people to quit smoking as well as to discourage them for attempting to a smoke a cigarette.

The bidirectional relationship between a student’s attitude and behavior in relation to smoking is how if a student negative attitude towards the act of smoking will push the student to behave differently while in the presence of cigarettes and will not touch cigarettes for various reasons. Furthermore, when the student behaves in a positive manner for the concern of his health, the student will develop an undesirable attitude towards smoking due to its adverse effects on the wellbeing of the student.

Two ways the guest speaker can manage his impression to be viewed positively by the audience is though a non-verbal communication tactic which is to maintain posture and body language. The guest speaker’s posture should be upright so that the students will view respect him as he is being serious and focused about the message that he is trying to deliver. If the speaker has a slouched back, the student’s will find that the speaker is lazing off and is not properly attentive towards the content of his speech. Good body language of the speaker contributes to the positive viewing aspect from the audience. For example, maintaining proper eye contact will establish a connection between the speaker and the student’s while will allow for the proper delivery of the message.

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