Smoking Is Dangerous For Human Cause And Effect Essay

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Smoking is undoubtedly dangerous for human health and can kill people, no matter how people ingest smoke. Also, smoking is not only affected a smoker individually; is affected around non-smoker. Tobacco companies are getting richer and richer, but smokers suffer from financial loss because of poor health. If the government bans smoking, people will have extra money saved from medical expenses and use their money for items they need. The government should ban smoking entirely because smoking is bad for smokers and non-smokers health smoking is expensive and not cost-effective and can raise health insurance rates.

First, the dangers of smoking are harms nearly every organ of the body and causes illness. Smoking causes cancer and risk of many other serious diseases. For example, smoking can lead to lung cancer and other cancers, heart disease, fertility problems brain and vision problem. 1. Lung cancer and cancers

“In fact, the American Lung Association report that smoking causes 80 percent of COPD deaths. Smoking cigarettes can damage the heart, blood vessels, and blood cells. Smoking can also affect the quality of the sperm and therefore reduce fertility. People who smoke regularly have a 30–40 percent higher risk of developing two type of diabetes than people who do not smoke. Smoking can affect pregnancy and the developing fetus in several ways, including: increasing the risk of ectopic pregnancy, reducing the baby’s birth weight, increasing the risk of preterm delivery, damaging the fetus’s lungs, brain, and system, increasing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, contributing to congenital abnormalities, such as cleft lip or cleft palate. The ill effects of smoking cigarettes do not only affect people who smoke.

Secondhand smoke can also have significant health effects on family members, friends, and coworkers. Effects of exposure to secondhand smoke include: increasing the risk of colds and ear infections, making asthma worse, raising blood pressure, damaging the heart and reducing levels of high-density lipoprotein” (how smoking affects human body).

Also, smokers are more likely harm than nonsmokers, and every smoking-related with death.

Second, smoking is not only affects on body also has a daily financial cost; smoking can lead to higher costs for health insurance, and this is creating a harmful effect on their lives. For example, individually smokers spend $7 per pack of cigarettes as an average in a State; if smoker smokes around 2 packs a day, a smoker is spending almost $400 dollars a month and spending more than $4000 per year! Also, Smokers will need to pay extra for premiums on insurance Vs non-smoker. “On average, smokers will typically pay 15-20% higher premiums than non-smokers with equivalent demographics and health conditions. If the monthly premium for a non-smoker is $500 per month, it will be upwards of $600 for a smoker” (How Smoking Affects Your Health Insurance Premiums). As a result, Smoking is one of the worst and expensive habits and not cost-effective and raise health insurance rates.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that Smoking has a direct impact on health and is proven to increase the potential rate of many diseases, and smoking also significantly increases the likelihood of early mortality.


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