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Smartphone as the most Important Digital Device

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Smartphone as the most Important Digital Device essay
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In today’s highly globalized and competitive environment, technology has become a necessity is day to day activities of every individual. Smartphone’s, laptops and other related technologies have gained significant importance is every individual’s life. They are considered to be highly flexible and powerful (Ayanso, Cho & Lertwachara, 2014). However, it has also believed that when these technologies are used prudently, has the capability to augment human cognition, habitual involvement in technologies have the power to negatively impact the ability of the user to pay attention, think and regulate the emotions of human mankind.

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the development of technology and the implications of the ways in which smart phones and other related devices has become the single most important digital device in the near future. It also determines and evaluates the role of e-commerce as well as Web 2 technologies in these industry’s which has gained recent popularity.


It is predicted that the coverall concept of Smartphone will have significant changes in the future years. Considering the past years, it has been identified by Chen, et al., (2017), that there has been tremendous progression in the smart phones and laptops. For instance, Apple I phone has become a cannulising platform with innovative application designed with finger flicking ease of usage(Ayanso, Cho & Lertwachara, 2014).

Various companies have produced their own operating system and there has been a race of different implementation of features on the Smartphone devices. Google has introduced its open Android operating system. These developments in technology, increasing use of smart phones and laptops have almost replaced PC. The Smartphone’s have taken place of computers and it is predicted that in the near future, there will be even more primary changes which will almost make it replace laptops (Que et al., 2014).

Smartphone’s has all the features and applications such as Adobe Photoshop with fast processors along with other powerful applications, which makes it capable to replace immobile computers. As per the research and studies, it is predicted that the Smartphone devices have almost started to eat up the laptop marketing in the future years (Que et al., 2014). The powerful replacements provide the ease of multitasking and enable all PC type capabilities, along with even more advancement technology. These features and capabilities in the Smartphone devices might replace laptops, smaller in size and light weighted.

It has also been identified by Chen, et al., (2017), that the storage technology has even outpaced the demand for smart phones along with the improvement and development of storage density. The smart phones have the storage capability similar to a laptop or a computer. Therefore, it can be clearly stated that in the smart phones devices have become single most important device in every individual’s day to day lifestyle. The advancement and development of technology enables customer participation and collaboration with the organizations (Weaver et al., 2017).

This is known as Web 2.0. As stated by Jake Winebaum, the CEO of Business.com. It is the ability of the users to coordinate with the vertical search engine for B2B business. For instance, companies like Torrent, MySpace and Wikipedia utilizes Web 2.0. It benefits the consumers as goods and services in the e-commerce industry can be easily exchange with the help of advanced technology with reduced barrier of time and distance(Weaver et al., 2017). Web 2.0 is also being used by EBay and Amazon as collaborative tool for advertising and promoting purposes as well as product development and customer service.

Other than these applications, there are multiple options for communication and shopping through smart phones and laptops. For instance, social media tools are used for entertainment and sharing opinions with people from different corners of world. E-commerce businesses have developed in past few years. Amazon, e-bay and other e-commerce businesses have made the shopping convenient and easy for people. Home delivery and online payment are services that have made these businesses popular among people. These technologies have reduced the time and distance through 24/7 services and delivery in different corners of world. Internet is an emerging technology and it is used in every field such as business, education, medicines and daily routine of people. Prime reason for popularity of these technologies is the low cost. Therefore, majority of people can afford these smart phones and internet.

Technology has made it easy to watch and explore new things happening in different parts of world. According to Carolus et al. (2019), it has also become a part of education system and educational institutes are using it for guiding students about new skills and knowledge. All the technologies explained above have gained popularity due to increased usage of Smartphone. People using it at workplace for sending and receiving emails, audio and video calling and it also facilitate to communicate with multiple people at a time. Wide range of facilities has made it necessary for people of every age and gender. For instance, students use it to explore new ideas, concepts to help in learning, adults use it for communication, navigation, and shopping, old aged people use it for medical helps and convenience. Smartphone are becoming part of daily routine of people. Normal activities of daily routine such as grocery shopping, ticket bookings, bill payments, news, movies and songs everything is available at fingertips.

Smartphone companies are also using innovation such as touch screen, big screen, wifi and greater camera quality to increase customer satisfaction. Everyday new features are added in the phones that are more useful and unique. These pones are available at various price levels to make it approachable for all. As stated by Frith (2018), Smartphone has become an easy and cost effective tool for businesses to reach their target customers. Hence, companies are coming with new ideas on social media, email to direct interact with people. Feedbacks and reviews have also become a part of marketing. Customers can read reviews and select a product or service for purchase. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are available for providing assistance in terms of knowledge and skills. It has also become easy to locate people through their phones or finding an address through GPS (global positioning system).

Increased usage of Smartphone and internet has also increased the risks of cyber crimes. Smart phone companies are offering security features for phones such as face detection, encryption and password. However, internet is an insecure medium of communication and it is easy to spread rumor or manipulate people through online channels. There are cases of fraud, manipulations and hacking through phones that have increased due to extensive use of internet. As commented by Morandin, Russo & Ollier-Malaterre (2018), it is also difficult to detect these crimes as reach of these technologies is vast and it is hide identity and locations over phone. It is crucial to use Smartphone and internet for genuine purposes. It is also important to create awareness about these cybercrimes among Smartphone users to protect them from these crimes. Use of these technologies depends on the intent of user and it affects the other people using the phones and technology.


Therefore, it can be said that advancement of technology and increase uses of smart phones have increased human dependency on Smartphone’s. It has both positive and negative impacts on human beings. However, it has helps the business organizations tremendously, yet it is also evident that it has increase the level of competition in the market.


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Smartphone as the most Important Digital Device essay

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What is the most important device?
Smartphones are 'Most Important' Device, According to GlobalWebIndex Report.
What is the most important digital device?
Smartphones Becoming The Single Most Important Device Information Technology Essay. A smart phone is a mobile phone that has more sophisticated computing ability and connectivity then a modern-day basic feature phone.
Why is smartphone so important?
Smartphones represent an important part of modern life, because they enable us to communicate from nearly everywhere (as long a phone signal is available), access the Internet, check e-mails and social networks .
Why is the smartphone the most important invention?
The most important advantage of cell phones is that they can be used almost everywhere without cables or electricity . By using a mobile phone, you can communicate with anyone whenever you want and wherever you are. Besides this, if there is an emergency situation, mobile phones can be useful.
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