Should We Justify Capital Punishment

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Capital punishment, often referred to as the “death penalty” is a government sanctioned practice whereby a person is killed by the state as a punishment for heinous crimes. Although most countries have abolished capital punishment today, there are still countries that still use it including; China, Japan, India, South Korea, most Islamic states and surprisingly the USA. The USA is currently the only western countries to still use the death penalty. I strongly believe that modern society has come a long way since the introduction of the death penalty in the eighteenth century, although I must take into account the arguments that justify such a brutal punishment. Thus has arised one of the greatest dilemmas of our time. Should those who’ve taken it upon themselves to take another’s life, really have theirs taken away themselves?

Although I have a strong belief that human life is so sacred, and people can genuinely make unforgivable mistakes. I still understand there are arguments that sway the mind. Firstly, capital punishment in a way works as a deterrent, as the fear of death fills the head of any sane person with deep fear. Even though there is actually no statistical evidence to prove capital punishment works as a deterrent, I think that most of us can agree that we fear death.

Evidence that shows criminals fear the death penalty even more than spending their life locked up in prison is provided by convicted capital murderers and their lawyers. 99.9% of all convicted capital murderers and their lawyers argue for life, not death when it comes to the sentencing of their trial. I think we can agree that the death penalty definitely installs some fear in the mind and may even make a person think twice before they commit a crime. Another argument for the death penalty would be that it ensures the criminal definitely cannot commit another crime.

Thus guarantees public safety as the danger has been permanently, erasing any uncertainty and fear within society. Thirdly my main argument for the death penalty it is definitely more economically friendly. Millions upon millions are spent on keeping prisoners in prison each year which I can agree is absolutely insane considering the issues modern society is facing today, among some of the serious problems is poverty and homelessness which are growing issues that I think must be prioritised over criminals who no longer deserve the luxuries some of take for granted like simply a warm bed, or food on the table. An average of £31,765 is spent on keeping one inmate in prison every year in the UK, similarly in the US the average spending is over $31,000 on each inmate and surprisingly some states even spend as much as $60,000. I mean surely this money or at least a good chunk could be spent on something far more beneficial to the country when some are in much more need than others?

Although these arguments that justify the death penalty sentence are strong and do make the mind really think, personally I believe that it is completely wrong for absolutely involved. Nothing good can ever come from hate, therefore nothing good can come from capital punishment. How can a society that claims to have justice for all continue to accept such a barbaric practice? My mother has always preached to me “two wrongs don’t make a right”, and this is something I have lived by as I believe it holds a lot of truth.


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