Short Stories “Harrison Bergeron” and “Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas”

Updated June 25, 2021

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Short Stories “Harrison Bergeron” and “Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” essay

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Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. and the ones who Walk Away from Omelas by Ursula Le Guin, is about equality that leads to sacrifices. Both articles made everybody’s equality a sacrifice. In the Harrison Bergeron the people had to make a sacrifice by having a disability to make everyone equal. Smart people had to give up their ability to think differently. Also, the beautiful people had to cover up their face with a mask because it was unfair to the ugly people. While, in comparison the sacrifice made in The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas so that they can have their equality, was a child suffering so that all the people in Omelas could enjoy their freedom and happiness.

In both the articles, the theme is equality to everyone and standing up for what you believe in comes with great sacrifices. In Harrison Bergeron, equality to all cost intelligent, beautiful their freedom. An example of who had to give up the ability to think, act or speak was George he no longer had to without any restraints. The gorgeous people had to cover their face because it was unfair for those who were not beautiful. Also, the ballerinas had to hide their beautiful face because it was not right for those who were ugly people. While, the athletes who are strong had to have restraints because they could not be faster and stronger than others and cost their lost freedom just like Harrison Bergeron. He was a strong individual however he had scrap metal hung all over him because he could not be stronger than the others.

It is not the same for the Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas, it was about a kid who had to hid and live in darkness so that everybody can be happy and enjoy their freedom. It takes one child to bear all the sacrifice for others happiness. The child had given up his freedom to enjoy the sunlight and eat food. While, Harrison Bergeron gave up his rights by not wearing his restraints and started to fight for what was right against the Government. In the One Who Walk Away from Omelas, had sacrificed their right to live in Omelas by trying to see the child even if they were not supposed to. They had risked their own happiness because they knew the Omelas was a good place to live by interacting with the child, they knew their city would no longer be happy place to live.

Both authors had accomplished their goals by Illustrating how equality is not fair. Kurt Vonnegut described that intelligent people were punished while describing people with unfair talent must wear to not shame their abilities with ordinary people. Ursula Le Guinn had the idea that everyday being equal is not fair by expressing the town a happy place of Omelas and then stating that the child that lives in the dark is so that everybody can live happy lives.

In both the articles, the Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas had a great relation to the bible in so many ways because Jesus Christ died for all of us sins which is parallel to the story. It was logical because people cannot explain on where other people exactly go and perish. Although, they can explain what cause a person to die or leave Omelas. While, Harrison Bergeron laws had to be abided by for others to follow. Also, it was logical to because it was reasonable to where people where not happy with the laws. In comparison, in the United States of America people always stand up for what is not right, and others can relate to it. If we something we do not like we stand up against it and do something about it.

From the Harrison Bergeron, I do not agree with everyone having equal abilities among each other because everyone should have their own individual abilities to stand in the crowd and live in a society where you are not one in the same and be able to learn from one another and not be ashamed for being different because that is what differentiates us from the rest. Also, we can help each other out by bring out the best in one another. An example, an intelligent person becomes teachers or doctors while people with disabilities relies on intelligent to be able to help them and improve their life.

Like, how technology has evolved it made it easier for others to be able to communicate with their loves on because of the smart intelligent people who cellphones with camera and be able to keep in touch with your loves one.

As part of humans we will suffer if we are alike with the same abilities without smart intelligent people nothing would be invented for the next generation to come to enjoy or no new jobs would be created, and economy would not prosper because we would not have intelligent people running it effectively.

In contrast, I do agree that without sacrifice there would be no happiness. I say this because when we genuinely care about someone we love we tend to sacrifice our own happiness to make others happy because we want that person to feel the love but when others do not reciprocate that we end up hurting ourselves and sacrificing our happiness for what we believe was best for the ones we love.

Without sacrificing one self, you would not know to the extend on how capable someone really is in loving someone. I am a truly a believer that no one is responsible for you own happiness except yourself. While, how God had sent his only Son to die for our sins. He had forgiven us and with that we are able to truly live that happiness on knowing that If God can forgive so can we. We have laws implemented for us to follow and it is not to sacrifice oneself from happiness but it’s there to guide us to be able to live in a less hostile environment. At the end of the road we live our life to the fullest and live happily to the best that we can.

Short Stories “Harrison Bergeron” and “Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” essay

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