Service Learning Project

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I read all five of the articles as part of my service learning assignment, which I will include in a work cited page at the end of my essay. When I read the articles, I was not very surprised about college students not being able to afford to eat. College tuition is so expensive, students spend most, if not all their money, just to pay for this. Not only are students worried about where to get their next meal, they are worried about how they are going to pay their other bills, like rent and utilities. What surprised me most form what I learned from all the articles was these incidents happened more frequently at community colleges than universities because community colleges.

Often times the students can’t even afford to purchase the books they need for classes. Even worse is the homeless rate of students, at around 14%. Instead of the students focusing on their classes, assignments, and tests, they send most time worrying and stressing about the money they need to survive. The worst thing is even with assistance the students are unable to make ends meet.

This is sad because almost all students have to take about a loan of some kind just to go to school. Loans, if they even coverall of tuition, they definitely can’t cover the cost of living for students. I think the cost of living and food should be included in assistance like loans and grants for college. I have several questions about food insecurities and homelessness for college students.

First, why is the government allowing this problem to continue when they know the students are having such difficulties? Why can’t they help out more? What other things can be done to help ensure that all the students that need help are getting it? What can the communities do to help the situation? For my last question about the communities, I have a suggestion. I grew up living in a college town in Kansas and I know the cost of housing in the town is astronomical, $1200 for a 1-bedroom apartment. How can most people, let alone college students, pay this much. The thing is, the property owners know that the students have to have a place to live so they can pretty much charge anything they want and know someone will pay it.

In this case I think there should be a maximum rent that college students should have to pay, while attending college, and I think it should be based on their income or lack thereof. There is one thing I think should be added to our school food pantry. I would like to see baby food, as many students are supporting children and babies. This would be helpful to some of the students.

Also, I think there should some way either federal or local government, that could help supply food pantries without refrigerators get one. I also think this would be good for our school pantry. Little things like milk, eggs, butter, and cheese are often times necessities that can’t be afforded. For example, you can get dry cereal at the food pantry but not cold milk. Powdered milk is ok and I have even had to buy it before because it was cheaper but it is just not the same.


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