Serial Killer: Jeffrey Dahmer

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Jeffrey Dahmer was not a man but a monster, a cannibal and sex offender born May 21, 1960. Dahmer childhood started off like any normal childhood would but however he just switched up as he got older. He started showing lesser and less interest in hobbies or social encounters as he entered adolescence, turning instead to examining animal carcasses and heavy drinking for entertainment. He loved animals as a child he was a happy kid and was full of life. Growing up his parents loved him and enjoyed being around but after a while he was doing unspeakable acts. During this time, Dahmer realized that he was gay, and as his sexuality blossomed, so did his increasingly abnormal sexual fantasies. Dahmer began fantasizing about raping men that he saw, and became aroused by the idea of completely dominating and controlling another person. As he grew less able to control his desires, his fantasies became reality. Three weeks after his high school graduation, Dahmer would commit his first murder.

His parents had divorced, causing his father and brother to live at a nearby motel. And when his mother had an occasion to leave town, Dahmer would have full possession of the house. It all changed when he had a major surgery and that is where the homosexuality started to take place. And also he started to stay to himself and his whole mindset was different, he went from a fun loving caretaker of animals to brutally killing and examining the insides.

Dahmer started to drink his way through high school and it started to cause problems with himself and others around him. His father made him enlist into the army where he worked as a medic and was let go due to his obsessive drinking. He graduated in the year of 1978 which would later follow his first crime. He attended Ohio State University but later dropped out because of his drinking problem. His drinking had a huge role in what he did because it caused depression, which can lead a person down a dark path and on the road to destruction.

Dahmer’s father worked as a chemist and was also an author, he too was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on July 29, 1936. His parents Herbert Walter Dahmer and Catherine Jemima Hughes were proud parents because he was a good kid and was on top of everything. Lionel Dahmer graduated from University of Wisconsin in 1959, in 1962 he finished Marquette University, receiving Master of Science. In 1966 he became a graduate of Iowa State University, obtaining Doctor of Philosophy. Lionel Dahmer is known for his work A Father s Story. But he gained a fair measure of unwanted media attention as the father of Jeffrey Dahmer, a serial killer who was convicted in the early 1990s of murdering fifteen youths in the Milwaukee area. Lionel Herbert Dahmer was married Joyce Flint which was his first wife, Shari Jordan who was his second wife. He has two children form the first marriage which is Jeffrey and David.

Dahmer killed 17 men and the way he did this was to get them drugged up to a state where they were zombies by follow his command and rape them, then he would chop off body parts put them in jars on display, put them in the fridge and sometimes eat them. If that’s not weird I do not know what is but that was the life of Jeffrey Dahmer. His main attractions where African American males he found in gay bars and malls and pretty much anywhere else he could find them but he did not discriminate but those where his prime targets. Necrophilia is when a person performs sex on a lifeless corpse, cannibalism is when a person or own kind eats or devours another of its kind.

Steven Hicks was Dahmer’s first target practice who was a hitchhiker, that Dahmer had asked to come to his place for drinks where they later had sexual intercourse and when Hicks’ got ready to leave Dahmer struck him in the head with a Dumbbell and killed him. For what reason he did it I do not know but in my opinion he was a sick person because he felt the need to kill someone because they were ready to go home and live out there life because in other words Dahmer felt the world revolved around him. Another victim of Dahmer was Steven Tuomi, who was 25 years old in 1987. They met at a gay bar and Dahmer asked if he would like to come with him to a hotel where Dahmer would commit another murder but it was said that Dahmer did not intend on killing him he was only going to drug and rape him but when he woke up his hand was bruised and there was a bloodied corpse under his bed.

There went on a killing spree and about thirteen people had been killed during the time including a thirteen year old boy Dahmer chased down and molested. Anthony Sears was another one of Dahmer’s victims, he struck up a conversation with Dahmer and it went from there and just like all of the other ways I talked about was the same way he killed Sears, drugged, raped, and eventually strangled. He would lure back young men, often offering them money to pose nude for him, before killing them. However, as the crimes continued, it wouldn’t be long before his routine would increase in its wickedness. He drilled holes in his victims head and poured hydrochloric acid in there head to put them in an unresponsive state. Once he accidentally blew up the head of Edward Smith trying to dry it out. Tracy Edwards was a man that Dahmer had lured to his home with a promise of cash and forced him in his bedroom with a butcher knife. There was a struggle between the two which was sort of a good thing for Edwards because it allowed him to escape and flag down the police. When the police arrived what they saw was absolutely disgusting and sick, there were severed body parts in jars, pictures of dead bodies it was just a nasty sight to see. There were heads in the refrigerators and human skulls in his closet.

Dahmer was found guilty of fifteen murder charges and the trial began on January 30, 1992. I do not know or understand why people want play crazy after they committed a crime as terrible as murder but sometimes it works and sometimes it does not, Dahmer went for the insanity difficulty in his defense due to the nature of his incredibly disturbing and uncontrollable impulses. Following two weeks of trial, the court declared him sane and guilty on fifteen counts of murder. He was given fifteen life terms, for a total of nine hundred and fifty seven years in prison. In May of the same year, he entered a guilty plea for the murder of his first victim, Stephen Hicks, and received an additional life sentence.

Christopher Scarver is an African-American serial killer who has been sentenced to three life sentences without parole. His story is similar to Patrick Butler’s story, who killed fellow prisoners. Christopher was a dropout from high school and his mother threw him out of the house because of his habit of excessive drug abuse and alcohol use.

Dahmer died at 34 and of course it was not natural causes because clearly that is a young age he was brutally beaten by Christopher J. Scaver who was twenty-five at the time. Scarver said that Dahmer was a weird guy and he always got under the skin of other inmates by the things he did. For example when they ate lunch he made limb and body parts and used ketchup for blood which weirded everyone out and he also harassed inmates as they passed his cell. Scarver was the second oldest of 5 siblings and he was also kicked out by his mother because of his usage of drugs and alcohol.

He dropped out of school in the eleventh grade he was left to fend for himself because it was a bad influence for the younger siblings in the house around him. As a child he experienced racial slurs and discrimination which led him up to be a serial killer. That is the reason he is in jail, so his childhood was not the best but he had to make a living because during the time he got kicked out he got his girlfriend pregnant.

Scarver felt that he was told by the lord himself to kill Dahmer. Some people say that it dealt with racism, as Dahmer was Caucasian and most of his victims were African American. A man named Jesse Anderson murdered his wife in a lot for parking and a mall for shopping and tried to put it off on two African American men for the killing. He had also defaced a portrait of Martin Luther King, while in prison, which made Scarver believe him to be a racist.

That fall, Dahmer attended college but dropped out because of his alcoholism. After that, his father forced him to join the army, where from 1979 to 1981 he served as a fighting medic in Germany. He never kicked the habit, however, and that spring he was discharged, moving home to Ohio.

The story of Jeffrey Dahmer is not a great not even good it is actually quite disturbing if I do say so myself because what drives a man to take 17 innocent lives for his own sexual desires. He was a sick human being I mean masturbating on corpses, eating people’s body parts, raping men and boys. If that is not a true meaning of weirdness and inhumanity then maybe my calculations are but that is not a good way to live life. When a double hernia surgery was performed, that is where his life changed and took a turn for the worst. That is the reason he started to respond differently to the world. It is where it all began the animal dissecting, the aloneness, and the homosexuality because if two and two are put together you would get the big picture of how he turned over to the homosexual affair.

This man was a full on creep he preyed on African American males like it was no tomorrow. I mean this guy really went at them he got them drunk brought them to his place sometimes willingly had sex and others raped them but always killed them afterwards. He also chased down, raped, and killed a thirteen year old boy. Now what possibly could that young boy have done to deserve that. The answer is absolutely nothing at all, none of those men deserved to die.

Another thing is that Dahmer graduated high school and attended Ohio State University and he was also in the military. So basically he had a good education and background anytime you have any dealing with being a part of the corps your set. But Dahmer just through all that away and for what to kill people for no reason at all. He served as a combat medic but his drinking was so troublesome it cause him to get kicked out but it was an honorable discharge. But drinking did not just cause him to get kicked out of the military it also cause him to drop out of college.

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