Saudi Telecom Company Business Plan

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Executive Summary

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) is a Saudi-based telecommunications company that offers landline, mobile, internet services and computer network.

STC services include mobile computing, Internet Services and television Services. (STC.com.sa, 2018)


STC is a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to their customers and enabling the digital transformation of the MENA region. (Stc.com.sa, 2018)


Customer first

We take care of their customers whether they are in Saudi Arabia or in foreign countries. We always take care of them by listen to their suggestions and we think ahead in order to fulfill customer’s need in the future.


We open to do the newest inventions with acceptance of the challenges that will be during process as we determine to deliver right product. We make every part of the process focus on deliver high quality of the required.

Lead with agility

Our leader is adaptable to the challenges during process and able to do changes in efficient way.

Build trust

We take on account our responsibilities what we committed to do in professional way.

One STC team

We invest in our colleagues in order to accomplish our vision and achieve goals. (Stc.com.sa, 2018)


  • We are handling all the Governance related work in order to be follow and implement required in a professional way.
  • We provide quality related activities in order to achieve highest of it as this will be by automation and control.
  • See what customers’ needs and trying to provide the new invention in technology world.
  • Customer service in really active by follow-up with them to make sure that they are play important factor in company’s provided services.
  • We focus in other parties that most likely will effect in the production and deliver of the product/service.
  • Investing in the latest technologies in costly but effective. For that we make sure employees are involve and get knowledge to be able to use as it should be. (Stc.com.sa, 2018)

Human Resource Strategy

Our HR division is devoted to be a strategic partner to the business and obliged to accelerate mission pivotal skills and building the digital and leadership abilities of our people to realize this vision.

STC believes that the HR have to be a strategic partner to the business, as HR professionals, we need to have an overall understanding of the business context, current capabilities, anticipate the foreign orientations, market situations, and align with exterior stakeholder expectancy.

In HR section of STC, they always take care of the employees. Also, they always support their employees with the employment benefits like transportation benefits, annual performance bonus, family medical insurance and accommodation benefits. So, STC should develop the staff because they are the reason toward the success.

Finally, HR should put the customers first and serve the customers passionately- external and internal- so they should listen to customers carefully and serve their needs exceed their expectation.

Management team

  1. Nasser Sulaiman Al Nasser STC Group CEO
  2. Ahmed Musfer Al Ghamdi Human Resource VP
  3. Amin Fahad Al Shiddi CFO
  4. Dr. Tarig Enaya Enterprise SVP
  5. Eng. Abdullah Alowini IT Acting VP
  6. Markus M. Golder Marketing VP
  7. Dr. Khalid M. Albarrak Corporate Analytics & Data VP
  8. Riyadh Saeed Muawad Key Accounts VP
  9. Dr. Sultan Binsaeed Corporate
  10. Omer Abdullah Alnomany
  11. Abdullah S. Alanizi Chief Internal Audit
  12. Ali Alharbi Corporate Finance VP
  13. Haithem Mohammed Alfaraj Acting Technology & Operations SVP
  14. Dr. Homoud Mohammed Alkussayer Governance and Regulatory Affairs Sector

Production Process

There are many ways to get the services and products:

  • The first way is self-service machine: After create an account in STC application you can perform many operations that you can do it by yourself, includes SIM cards, recharging, payment and bills printing. Self-service machines are available in more than 190 customer service offices and select public locations at some malls and airports in KSA.
  • The second way is sales office: you can go by yourself to the branch and requested service from the employee directly.
  • Telephonic call: customer service is very good and fast, by calling you could select from the menu that will be provided to you without need to go or talk to an employee.
  • MySTC application: it is application that allows customers to use it with their own STC account to do multitasking in short time such as access to details of calls, invoices, recharge the balance of SAWA, and monitor the size of the use of the Internet. In addition, technical support in it is 24/7 when customers need help. (STC.com.sa, 2018)

This description explains the years of the STC in developing and manufacturing the company and shows what happened and what has evolved in these years.

Development & Manufacturing process

1998 – Established Saudi Telecommunications Company.

2002 – Saudi Telecom Company goes generic via Initial public offering. Entrance of Digital Subscriber Line services.

2003 – 10 million mobile customer sign and launch of 3G and 3.5G mobile technology. Increased of the firm’s share capital from SR 15,000 million to SR 20,000

2005 – Acquires stake in Maxis Communications and its process in Indonesia and India.

2008 – Acquires stake in OGER Launched Indonesian process under the name of AXIS.

2009 – Third mobile licensed in Bahrain.

2010 – Launched the Bundled services.

2011 – Acquires 60% stake in Sale telecommunication Increased its share in AXIS, Indonesia and Integral. Launched Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) in Saudi Arabia.

2012 – Fiber Optic in Saudi Arabia reached more than 500,000 Home passes. Acquisition of BRAVO company for mobile operator Public Telecom company.

2013 – Setting up SR 5 billion Sukuk program, 1ST string was SR 2 billion

2015 – Saudi Telecom Company (STC) became the ICT integrated player in the area. Growing its quota in VIVA Kuwait to 51.8% and Sale Co. to 100%.

2016 – STC ranked most worthy brand in Middle East. STV being set up with $500 million from STC. (STC.com.sa, 2018)

Marketing Strategy

There are many brilliant strategies that STC use for marketing its product, for example:

  1. Special Offers: STC offers a wide range of packages, such as postpaid 50, postpaid 100, postpaid 200, postpaid 400, postpaid 800 Each of these postpaid packages enables you to subscribe monthly with different range of services provided and varied according to different client needs and when you expand the data included in your postpaid package The Internet will not be cut off, but the Internet speed will be reduced to suit your requirement for the same cost of your package. (Stc.com.sa, 2018).
  2. Cooperate with numerous: Organizations, for example, Jarir Bookstore, Careem, and many more. Where you will get free services from these organizations when you activate certain packages. (Stc.com.sa, 2018).
  3. Interact with social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube through promotional videos, and interactive contest for customers. (Think with Google, 2018), (Stc.com.sa, 2018).
  4. Using traditional means such as television, radio, and billboard. (Stc.com.sa, 2018).
  5. Take part in many events and festivals. : (Stc.com.sa, 2018), (Real Madrid C.F. – Web Official, 2018).
  6. Contribution to social responsibility through helping and awareness-raising, such as supporting the Association of the Blind, encouraging the people with special needs and developing their skills, supporting and empowering women, and young people, with developing their skills and social investments. (Stc.com.sa, 2018).
  7. Presenting a lot of attractive offers. (Stc.com.sa, 2018).
  8. Participating in many conferences such as Annual Information Security Conference, and Gitex. (Stc.com.sa, 2018), (GITEX 2018, 2018).

Finance strategy

With regards to its financial strategy. In late 2013, the company agreed to sell its full share in the Indonesian PT Axis Telecom because of operational snags. Then at this point, the company gained 100% of Public Telecommunication Company “bravo” and later offered to gain 100% of VIVA Kuwait. STC is believed to benefit from its well-known name in the region, which gives the company the well-established brand name and an easier approach to funds whenever required. We noticed that if there is a slowdown in the economic activities STC’s desire to find investment opportunities is going to increase.

We got our conclusion from the recent economic slowdown that began in 2008 where the company gained 35% of Ogre Telecom, 51% of Integral Bahrain, established VIVA Bahrain and gained 60% of Advanced Seal, a company dynamic in telecom support services and IT devices. STC’s officials declared that they will keep considering all investment opportunities, yet, their priority would be for opportunities in the Middle East mostly in high population growth connected with high GDP growth countries STC has reconsidered its investment strategy to focus on the Middle East.

Along with its appearance in the Far East, STC reached to Turkey, Lebanon, South Africa, and Jordan through Oger Telecom. Also, STC has set up the VIVA brand in Kuwait and Bahrain.

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) has been granted the Brand Finance Award as the most valuable brand in the Middle East at Mobile World Conference (MWC) 2017 in Barcelona, Spain.

The only Saudi company that received this award in the Middle East is STC. The brand esteem has risen by 11% resulting in a positive effect on the future economic esteem. The company intends to further improve, develop, and grow financially. (Riyadcapital.com, 2018), (Arab News, 2018).


STC is one of the biggest telecom companies in Saudi Arabia. They always trying to differentiate their offers from other competitors to make good relations with their customers. They also work hard to development their company in several ways. They invest to develop and provide best environment to their employees as this will make the company grow as lead in telecom field.

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