Role Model: Father Personal Essay

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Every young person has an ideal person who has an influence over the young person. Being a family guy, I never really got in touch with many other people. So the person who has influenced me the most in certain aspects of life is my father.

My father is not a very tall but a handsome man. He is five feet, five inches tall, has a straight posture. He is a slightly paunchy man. He used to play football despite of his height but as he grew older, he began to have an oval shape with paunchy belly. His sun burnt face is a reflection of hard work and struggles throughout his life.

My father has an amazing personality which impresses me every time. Throughout his life he has been through a lot of struggle. These struggles made his personality stronger and better. He has a unique way of leading life and I have taken so much lesson from his past experience. His past experience made him rock solid but at the same time soft as butter to different people.

Despite being a busy man my father never forgets to interact with his family. He spends his leisure time with his family. He has a remarkable way of managing people. My father manages his work and his family very well. This man shares his past stories, how he slept on a railway, how nobody in his family helped him during his young age. His stories inspired me to become a businessman.

My father’s story is a story of a tough grind and struggle. His life has inspired me to set my life goals, take important decision in my life and show people respect. He has never let me down and I want achieve his strong personality to shine in life.


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What are the five roles of a father?
The five roles of a father include being a provider, protector, role model, mentor, and emotional support. These roles are essential in shaping a child's upbringing and developing a strong bond between a father and child.
What can I write about my father?
I can write about how much my father means to me, and how he has always been there for me.
What is the role of my father in my life?
My father is my role model and he is the one who has helped me become the person I am today. He has always been there for me and has always been supportive.
Why my father is a role model?
“Dads serve as role models by working to be their best selves and allowing their children to see their imperfections . Dads should also demonstrate loving predictability, consistency, discipline, and unconditional acceptance.”
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