Rhetorical Strategies of “Meaning of Local by Todd Kilman”

Updated April 21, 2022

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Rhetorical Strategies of “Meaning of Local by Todd Kilman” essay

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In the article “meaning of local by Todd Kilman” the author writes about the meaning of locally grown food and explains what it means. In today’s world when you go to the supermarket, diner, and restaurants you most likely to see a word local. By writing this article, Kilman wants to inform his audience about the meaning of local and persuade them to not to be obsessed with local food and ingredient. Kilman uses logos in his writing by including logic, facts, and statistics. For example, he states “local and organic foods currently make up 3 percent of food consumption in America”. Kilman’s audience is mostly gonna be farmers, restaurant owners, supermarket owners, and food consumers. From his audience farmers and business owners most likely to relate to his argument or disagree with him. Farmers and owners most likely experienced something like Kilman mentioned in his writing. Meaning of local mostly contains logos to make the author’s point of view more reliable and trusted.

Examples of logos used “In the last 30 years, “local” has evolved from an ideology to a movement to something that looks suspiciously like an ism: more important than any single chef or restaurant—more important, too, than any other philosophy or ideology. This phrase makes readers think about “local” and analyze what makes it special in nowadays. Then for ethos “Me, I was peeved that he had squandered ingredients that a chef at a family-run Ethiopian or Vietnamese restaurant, tasked with turning frozen poultry and veggies into tasty dishes, would have regarded as a special treat.” Therefore usage of pathos is Kilman talks about food romance, he says “The romance is clearly missing.” meaning there is no romance in word local. Meaning of local only discusses one topic and it is why people obsessed with local food and why they think they are doing right thing by buying or using local food. People think they are doing good thing by buying local food or ingredient and feel better for themselves for doing that, because they are keeping local farmers in business, but that’s not the case. Local doesn’t have any standard or meaning at all, it’s basically individual person’s view of what local is. Local might be couple hundred or thousand miles, neighbor state or two or three states away, it just depends what business describe local. If you go to a restaurant and they claim that food you’re about to eat is locally made, you might think all ingredient is hundred percent local, but that’s not the case, it’s usually twelve to thirty percent of food contains local materials and rest is from any state or might be even from overseas.

Here is evidence from an article saying how much is on local “For most restaurants, the answer is around 30 percent. That figure tends to be higher in the warmer months and lower in the colder ones. “In the summertime, 40 to 50 percent maybe,” Tom Meyer of Clyde’s Restaurant Group says.” Todd Kilman realized that people are obsessed with local things, like it’s privilege over anything else and people think its correct choice. In his writing he included about restaurant owners he talked to and collected information from. He went to this diner that claim to be local with his friend and ate food there and didn’t like it and that’s how he opens up his writing. Then he talks about the brief history of local, explaining when people started using term “ local” in their food. Food comes from anywhere and most people think of the foods are from far, then it’s bad they think; however more than half of raw materials come from different country or state and it’s completely fine to use them. Kilman’s main statement is people are obsessed with local things and they think local equals fresh n tasty. Kilman seated while eating local food with his friend “The meal was no joy for either of us. It was mediocre and expensive, and I said so with a sigh when the check came.” Meaning the food tasted less tasty and more expensive. Eating food from your area is healthy, tasty and fresh you might suspect, but that’s not a hundred percent true because it same procedure to production like anywhere and texture or taste of food depends on farmer’s skills and dedication, meaning local doesn’t change anything. In today’s society people want to consume fresh and healthy food, but local Local is word businesses use to charge people more money for the same thing. Lying with local is also one of Kilman’s concern, he states that” Elaine Boland possesses the flinty skepticism of many small farmers accustomed to selling their hard-earned products to urbanites.

To talk to her for any length of time is to hear a woman who has grown weary of interactions with people who don’t grasp the rhythms of the seasons and the exigencies of life lived close to the land”. Kilman does not like the fact people are obsessed with local and be ignorant about everything else and fake beliefs that local means better. In conclusion Todd Kilman tries to inform and persuade his readers about eating or purchasing local food or ingredient. He wants people not to be fooled by the statement “local”. Kilman the author uses logos by using logic behind the argument and he tries to persuade an audience using logical arguments and supportive evidence. Also mostly used method for writing “Meaning of local” is ethos. For example “Yonkers is justifiably proud of this growth and speaks with the tones of an evangelist who believes she has found a path to, if not enlightenment, then happiness. Again and again I’m struck, as we speak, by the way she invests the material good—a cheese, a leg of lamb, a squash—with the aura of the spiritual.” Therefore there is also pathos used for romantic look at food to describe why local couldn’t exist without romantic feeling saying ”And romance is not nothing. It’s very definitely something. Local couldn’t exist without it.” Main method that appealed to the audience was ethos and pathos.

Rhetorical Strategies of “Meaning of Local by Todd Kilman” essay

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