Respect Among Children

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The definition for the word respect means to show or demonstrate “high regard” by showing or giving special attention to something or someone. While I have been in Mercy Home I have done some disrespectful things. The first one is when I called Ricky a nigga. I do not have an excuse for why I was using such a derogatory word at all. But at that moment I thought that it would be a good idea. The idea that I was thinking about was that if I said that then I would release some stress. I know what I did was inappropriate.

I am truly sorry for what I did to you Maurice . Another thing that I did wrong was call Maurice “retarded”. I will own up to what I did was wrong. My behavior for the past couple of weeks has been unacceptable. When I said the word retarded and went on about what another does not have I got this assignment from Misty East. I called Maurice retarded and called him out on the things he does not have.

I made fun of him by saying that he does not have a washer nor a dryer (well I assumed that he does not have these items). I also said that he does not have wifi. The reason why I said this is because Maurice ask staff that can I have the wifi password. What I said to you Maurice was cruel, mean, rude, and nasty. That is not my character at all. The reason why I thought it was okay at the time because I wanted to hurt his feeling. He made me upset when he lied on me to Bryan stating that I was in Jaylen’s room but I was not.

So Bryan gave me a consequence and he put it on my board that I just got cleared and worked hard to. I was not meeting any of my treatment needs when I said what I said to Maurice. I would need to learn how to respect people so that I can have better relationships with people. I can start first by building relationships with my peers. If I can do this then I would get in less trouble. I can not be afraid of opening myself up top new things. I will build relationship with staff. I will continue this so that i can have more fun and I would have earned more trust.

All staff have been trying me to do is be respectful. They are not asking me to fly a F-16. So, i will act like I have common sense. It would not be hard for me to follow simple instruction. If I want to ever have a positive relationship with people than I would need to watch how I treat others. I will follow the golden rule which is treat other people the way that you would want to be treated. I will start having empathy for people. I would this because I never know what the a person is going through so for me to disrespect them is a huge problem. They might feel less of a person and go and commit suicide.

I will want people to respect me or my mother so I will respect IN others. For example I might disrespect a kid now but later on in life that same kid might become my boss. Then they could get revenge and disrespect me like not paying me or not hiring me. There are many downfalls of becoming disrespect and I don’t want to experience them all. Life would be so lonely for me if I keep this behavior up. The reason why I would be lonely is because people would not want to be around me no more. I would be so mean and they would not want to tolerate that.

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