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Gap Years in the U.S.: The Grounded Year

Many countries around the world have what is known as the “gap year”: a year between high school and college when one can travel, volunteer, work, or get in extra schooling; the United States, however, is one of few places where this occurs. Only recently has the gap year been a relevant topic among the…

College Life,

Gap Year

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My Plans After Graduation

I am a fulltime student enrolled at the University Of Houston. Academically, I am planning on obtaining my bachelor’s in biochemistry and attend Mcgovern Medical School. I am working towards my dream of becoming a physician with the ability to treat and connect with their patient. Everyone has been been to a doctor in their…

Gap Year

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What is Gap Year?

‘Gap year’ is very popular in developed countries. The term ‘gap year’ roughly means that young people are not eager to blindly enter the society after entering school or graduating and before going to work. Instead, they take a break to take a long distance trip (usually one year) and take a period of time…

Gap Year

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My Choice

Senior year is a challenging year to for many students. The work isn’t the only issue students face.Students are at an age, where responsibilities and making decisions are falling into play. One of those decisions is College. Applying first and then stressing about the acceptance letter coming in the mail. High Schools pushes that decision…

Gap Year

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Thinking and Language Project

My prototype/concept of college would be a college that is of high rank in both general and also in computer science/programming education. The prototype is also a college with all the needed facilities for furthering my interest of computer science and engineering. It also includes a college that I can get into straight out of…

Gap Year

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Grover Cleveland

Grover Cleveland was a man of undoubtable high moral value, who many people from both Democratic and Republican viewpoints counted on and believed in. He was a widely respected man who always strived for greatness and high moral ground. Through his roles as a lawyer, mayor, governor, and president his values and moral standing never…

Gap Year

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