Racial Issue in Othello by William Shakespeare

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Does Othello’s tragedy stem from his race become just an excuse for highlighting the problems pervading an otherwise enlightened renaissance?We must know about Shakespeare. How his great tragedy, move around his character through the play. It makes you guess, what writer literally trying to convey from his chosen word of the play. That’s why Shakespeare play makes you go back to paradoxical line; one can find more than one meaning of a line.

“Cinthio’s gill hecatommithi”, an Italian source for Othello. Which also carries a bright tale of doomed mixed race marriage and transforms it into a heart breaking tragedy? As we know Shakespeare had tremendous knowledge about words as well as dictionaries.The tragic sequence of events is triggered by the development of Othello and Desdemona. Story turns onto a black man who came from all across middle – east to Venice. Moor, is very prestigious and noble word for the middle- east. By saying him we had to acknowledge our main lead as traveler.There are many incidents where Shakespeare has to criticize.

Like, Moor said, that “she gave me pained a word of kissing me.” The word kiss is not as subjective as it could be, because it sixteen centaury these words or scenario may not probably considerable, or not in customs though, it looks like, we all were discussing about someone of twenty first century. Where everyone alike to knew it. It also shows dynamics of gender oppressions. It disturbs me as a woman to hear or read those words for the women.

How society could is so cruel. In every class women are suppressed. Their self respect has to be flushed out by the patriarchal consent.It is the point where man was handsome and strong, women were suppose to be elegant. Also novel says that Desdemona fell in love with Othello because his stories of bravery. His travelling tempts her towards him. How impractical is this?

A sophisticated girl from the upper-class got to know bravery of the moor. Gradually it’s been story of loving someone not from the same kind. Probably, opposite attracts, though it’s also be known because it called for magnets pieces. But I don’t think it’s true for humans.Shakespeare throw sex jokes for being relatable for all kind of class audience like fart jokes. It is very intellectual for a playlist to write it. He tries to make play entertaining and moral full for the audience.Also, it disturbs me as an anti racist. He probably wants to draw attention on black people’s behave like; they are because of the ethnicity. He has to show his characteristics of Moor to whole of the Elizabethan England on this platform.

Whenever Moor appeared that usually signaled something menacing, or threat to social, moral and sexual order of society. At the end of the day you have to deliver your truthful reality to yourself once. When Iago says” these moors are changeable in their wills.” And then goes onto demonstrate precisely that, “I think it’s fair that did Shakespeare being of bigot her. Also a question also arise that is Shakespeare know any of black for his own. Probably the answer is yes, if we go to another side of globe. Britain rules America through the Shakespeare era. He must have known black people. However, Bruiser’s may think themselves as social teachers. They were literally ruined most of the colonial traditions.

Could we know race, as what we really want to get its answer. Do its really that enthusiastic? As renaissance is introduce to Europe through Italy. It makes a path through ancient and modern time of literature. In French renaissance means rebirth of old classical view, and how we could reawake it.In Medieval era pop and religion was the greatest and has been called as catholic conspiracy.

This period also known for his blackness, death was well known. But when it comes to period of Renaissance, this period reawaken the Asian classical thought of humanity. This thought comes from Patrarch. Who was taken this across his reading by briefing human and there acknowledgement of knowing themselves. English focus on renaissance, as it helps writing play also as classical writer writes about partition while playing the play.

Victorian place knowing from them,We also knows that Iago feel jealousy, fear or simple hater towards Othello, they give vent to their feelings by using racist slurs. Othello’s blackness makes him barbarous. This belief, as much as his convection of Desdemona‘s guilt, allow Othello to kill his wife when he two turns the race weapons against himself, He doomed both himself and Desdemona. Iago also calls Othello “The moor”, “The Devil “and “Barbary Horse”. These terms reduce Othello to crude Stereotypes turning him into a villain an animal. Iago tells Brabantio that “an old black ram /his tapping your which characterizing. Othello as a mindless rutting animal and also makes contrast in between Othello’s blackness and Desdemona’s whiteness.

Othello discuss his race throughout the play- In response to something a white Venetian says – but here he makes his first negative reference by blaming his blackness for his lake of conversational ability. Othello want to throw his blame of inferiority to his belongings. Othello had his absurd idea that his race inherently makes him dangerous, does he begins to self hater that allows him to kill what he loves.Somehow its more than races play. There is something much deeper and much more emotional in the play.


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