Othello and Desdemona Relationship

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The protagonist, Othello is the head in the Venetian Amy. Throughout powerful and intense on the battlefield , Othello is transformed to the overwhelmed with Desdemona’s existence.

Desdemona is Othello’s Partener and as fascinated by him. Desdemona and Othello’s love is polarized in some ways: She is Ventian woman from the upper class family, while Othello is the Moore, someone of African ancestry, from Cyprus enslaved as a child. The love shared by Othello and Desdemona overcomes these obstacles, which at this moment could have appeared significant. Their passion is the matter of contempt among at least one other significant role, the character Iago, who gets bitterness against Othello.

Othello’s love for Desdemona , is obvious had his intense appreciation for her. Othello’s evidence on their story showcases the general idea of absolute love. Othello in the court of law flawlessly shows their common love. Othello announces his passion for Desdemona when he exclaims, “ she knew me for those dangers I had fallen, and I knew her that she did shame them” (Shakespeare 1017). Othello contends that their love passion is rooted in sympathy, Othello knows Desdemona because she truly admired and felt bad for him.

Othello is balck person in the predominantly white community. Othello gets been discriminated against and gets to always be himself.In my viewpoint, the primary idea in Othello is passion. There are some kind of love that were presenting at Othello. For example, this forbidden passion between Othello and Desdemona. In the start, her family was not sanctioned by Desdemona’s father; Brabantio because of Othello’s competition is different from theirs. Nevertheless, Desdemona defend her passion towards Othello and ready to remain with him.

The moment of Desdemona’s passion when she is ready to take Othello to Cyprus to fight with those Turks. Besides this Rodrigo is crazy about Desdemona. Yet Rodrigo passion is not absolute because Desdemona was not crazy about him. She is somebody’s woman. Rodrigo is ready to kill Cassio because he thinks that cassio would destroy his opportunity to confront Desdemona. Aside from this, there is also passion in the family between Iago and his partner Emilia and Othello with Desdemona. However, their passion is not pure and honest because not faith is.

Iago thinks that his spouse had slept with Othello and They are getting the relation behind him. In contrast, Othello is well force by Iago to think that Desdemona is not faithful to him. And having hidden relation with Cassio. Othello suppose to trust her partner instead of somebody else. But, that shows her passion towards Othello.(Sonza,J. T.,2013)In the beginning of the scene of Othello, Iago is pretending to be a friend to Roderigo. Roderigo has been giving Iago money because Iago has been leading him to believe that he will eventually be able to obtain Desdemona with his help.

At the end of Act1,scene 3 Iago says to himself, “ Thus do I ever make my fool my purse. / for I mine own gained knowledge should profane / If I would time expend with such a snipe / But for my sport and profit.” This soliloquy shows the reader that Iago’s motivation for helping Roderigo obtain Desdemona is greed. Even this early in the play, the reader understands that Iago is a deceptive and scheming character who is never the person that other characters believe him to be.

Throughout Act 1 Iago is feigning not only his friendship to Roderigo but also his loyalty to Othello. Although Iago pretends to be a loyal follower of Othello, in reality he hates Othello. In Act 1 Iago gives several reasons for his antipathy toward Othello. These reasons reveals some of Iago’s Other Motivation, such as Jealousy and hatred. Iago’s main reason for his hatred of Othello is that Othello gave the position of lieutenant to Michael Cassio instead of to him as was expected. Iago believes that he was far more qualified for the position. The jealousy that Iago feels toward Cassio deepens his hatred of Othello.

In Act 1, scene 1 Iago states, “ I follow him to serve my turn upon him.” This shows the reader that Iago is faking his loyalty to Othello in order to take advantage of him. Another reason that Iago gives for disliking Othello is that he believes Othello has slept with his wife Emilia. As a way to take revenge on Othello for his wife’s infidelity and Cassio’s promotion, Iago plans to make Othello believe that Cassio is having an affair with his wife. After Iago’s final Soliloquy of Act 1, the reader knows that Iago is being motive by Jealousy, hatred.


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