Problems Faced by Kids in Different Countries

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Families travel to different countries in the belief of finding a better life for them and especially their kids, but do you think it’s actually better life? Do you think living away from friends and family, unable to communicate because of language, and not seeing the culture and traditions you are used to is a good thing? When I came to the United States, I faced all of these problems and many others that affected my life. For example, because of language and being separated from my friends, I didn’t have anyone to talk to and share my thoughts with.

Imagine yourself losing all your friends and when you try to make new ones, you are not able to communicate due to language and cultural differences. The inability to talk to anyone made me feel depressed and lonely. Language was also harming my grades that dropped causing me to feel more stressed and frustrated. I always think is it a good idea for the kid to see a different lifestyle, language, and culture, but will this corrupt the kid because of picking up things that he shouldn’t at the age?

We all were kids once and we all know how naive we were at that age, but we were fast learners, so it is really dangerous for a kid to learn a new language because of the bad things he can learn. Language is a powerful tool which,if it is used correctly, can solve problems, but if it is used incorrectly, it can create problems especially with kids. Because of how naive kids are, learning bad things can become a building block in a kid’s personality which will lead to many future problems. Cultural difference is another problem because of the different beliefs, religion, and other things that kids face in the new environment.

One of the important differences in culture is language because, like I mentioned, language is a powerful tool. There are many problems that kids face when living in a different country, for example bullying. When I was in school, I used to see a lot of kids who get bullied because of their differences such as, religion, language, and beliefs; these bullies bully kids because the other kids couldn’t express their feelings and defend themselves. This can result in many problems because the kids who are being bullied might get negative thoughts such as suicide.

All of the problems I mentioned today are tied to one problem, language, which shows that if this problem is solved, all the others will be. Cultural bullying and the inability to make friends are problems I mentioned today that relate to language. This shows that language is the biggest problem that kids face when they move to different countries. need to do something about this issue because an action and a first step are needed to be taken for a change to happen. I ask anyone who believes in a change and any kids’ organization to support me and for their support to help make the change.

Today, my purpose is not to just inform you, but also to ask you to help me start the change that will improve the lives of these kids.15 percent of the kids that left their countries are living on the streets with no way of making money. To have your future stolen from you is something really bad that none of us want it to happen to us. We can provide these kids with many things to support them for example, language classes. If a kid learns how to read, write, and speak, it will be easier for them to express their thoughts and provide themself with what the needs. With language, I can get a job and live a good life, but if I don’t know the language the problems I mentioned today will occur.

The final thought that I want to discuss today is the influence these problems could have on the kid. Future problem is one of the most common results of these problems. Not having a job is an effect from not speaking the language, because when you don’t speak the language it can cause the kid’s grade to drop and this will cause the kid to not be accepted in some school which causes the kid to have bad future . These influences can be changed if the problems are solved and could have a positive effect on the kid instead and in order for us to do this, we need to work together as one and use language as our tool. In the end, I would like each one of us to do what they can to work towards a change that will benefit the future generation of this world.

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