Plagiarism and Academic Integrity

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Good research integrity and academic integrity ensures a solid outcome of the assignments as I’ll be able present my ideas about the respective topic, in an effective manner by defining and clarifying the points I will be making about the topic. Good research will enable me to provide evidence for my ideas and enable me to refute existing ones, and to do this I will need to be citing all the sources, quote, paraphrase, and summarize while sandwiching the source material

I rely on the fact that our coordinators and classmates will want to look further into the research, and will be studying it closely, thus integrity is of outmost importance. To be able to easily express my thoughts on the research I will need to use research methods effectively.

Plagiarism is a direct consequence of damaged intellectual property, which protects written or verbal content developed by others. Using this intellectual property without referencing the sources constitutes theft and is called plagiarism. This occurs quite often in the academic field as, whether in papers, presentations, or various forums, people respond to other people’s ideas or use their work to support their ideas, so everyone needs to be aware of plagiarism.

Plagiarism can take various forms, for example: turning in an assignments students did not complete themselves or submitting another person’s work as their own, or allowing someone else to complete the paper or copying someone else’s homework and copying from other people’s work without naming the source or using quotation marks. Other examples: turning in your own paper from another term or different class, as we are expected to do original work in each class; not naming the source of the information. Also, not using quotation marks to correctly identify the owner, even if we name the source eventually is also considered plagiarism. Modifying passages or changing the author ideas and words to fit your ideas, is also a violation of academic rules.

I plan to cite all sources by writing an in-text citation in order to let the reader know where the bit of information came from so they can, in case is needed, learn more about your topic themselves, so every source will be put on my reference list. I am aware there are bits of information I will not need to cite like for examples, sources that re-state my own own thoughts and opinions information that is considered common knowledge and anyone should know or could easily find out, unless I am unsure how to categorize that bit of information, and as a result I will cite it.

To maintain good research integrity when completing the assignments throughout the year the papers must be presented in a uniform and universally accepted style, called APA. APA was designed by the American Psychological Association to standardize the format and citation methods of all the articles for its journal. They realized that too many individual styles were distracting and confusing for readers, so they demanded that all papers submitted to its journal follow one style.

Since then, APA style has been updated many times to reflect changes in research methods and technology. The latest updates occurred in 2007 and 2009 and the style is accepted and used by professors, researchers, students, and writers in the social sciences. As part of this academic community, we are expected to use it as well and this how I will maintain good research integrity when completing my assignments throughout the year.

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