Philosophy and Vision for Nursing

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I am not exactly sure what I was thinking when prior to starting nursing. However, after I became an LPN I could not understand why I needed to become an RN. Moreover, certainly did not understand why I need my BSN considering I worked beside Baccalaureate-prepared nurses and we do the same job. I was baffled when I found out that there were nurses with their MSN and Ph.D. I thought this was overkill. I never thought about policies, procedures or evidence-based practices or who developed them. All I thought about was patient care and their safety. However, when I was taking Professional Writing, I began to understand the complexities of nursing as even as I did my research paper in Professional Writing, which was a prerequisite for the BSN program. While doing my research, I realized that nurses were writing books and doing research. How did I let this escape me?

Of course, I am familiar with Florence Nightingale and Dorothea Dix and other great nurses. However, before attending the baccalaureate program I never paid attention to the author was that wrote the course curriculums. I never thought of nurses as the researcher, but only as research assistants. I believe that core values like compassion and respect were imprinted on me and reinforced on me throughout my childhood. I was always described as a child who was tenderhearted and cared for others. In regards to respect, I was taught to treat others the way I want to be treated. However, other cultures may not want to be treated like me and may find my behavior disrespectful.

Looking through a new lens as a baccalaureate-prepared nurse, Write a personal statement that describes your philosophy and vision in nursing. As I approach the completion of my baccalaureate degree in nursing, I still feel that compassion and caring are paramount in nursing and are essential for improving health conditions. Patients seem to feel that compassion is lacking today in nursing care. I feel that most nurses inherit this trait before becoming a nurse. However, I now take into consideration an individual’s culture in regards to respect. In addition, I have a greater sense of moral courage and though I always advocated for my patients, moral courage goes further than direct patient care. Although moral courage is not, easy it is necessary and this is an area I need to improve on.

My philosophy in nursing is based on holistic care for the whole person, including their environment. This philosophy is in line with Betty Neuman’s theory and the belief that everything that has an effect on the patient should be a consideration when dealing with their condition. In addition, it is my philosophy that nurses should be included in all policies in regards to healthcare in general, rather than finding out later and trying to meet the demands set by others. I feel that it is a nurse responsibility to take part in political activity on the local, state and national levels and possibly serve in a leadership capacity in these areas. This is in line with IOM suggestions. There is conflicting evidence that there is a shortage of physicians. Regardless of if this is true or not, most will agree that there is a shortage of physicians in areas of lower populations. I envision myself as one of those standing in the gap to assist populations with a shortage of psychiatrist in the capacity of the psych nurse practitioner.


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