Perseverance By Salva Mawien Dut Arrik

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In the Grasslands, and deserts of South Sudan. Salva Mawien Dut Arrik began his journey of struggle. He would survive his harsh journey because of three things, perseverance, the people that helped him and optimism, without these things Salva would have not survived the Journey of struggle.Without any of these things Salva might not be what he is today.

In the beginning of his journey after his school got shot he ran into the bush. After that he was lost until he found a group of people from his village.Even though they did not help him that much it calmed him down so he would not panic and feel hopeless and lost. After the first group abandoned him, he went to auntie’s house where he stayed and ate. When aunty left a group of Dinka and Jur-chol people took him so he wasn’t lost and he found honey to eat. He also found Marial and Uncle Jewwir. Salva’s uncle provided him food and safety, uncle also took Salva across the nile river.

Salva also had Perseverance which kept him alive. He persevered through a lot of challenges like perseverance led him through the journey of struggle. His perseverance helped him survive while not eating foods for very long periods of time, if he did not persevere he might have starved to death. Salva continued to persevere through the journey like when uncle Jewwir died he moved on and he didn’t linger on the past. If Salva didn’t have perseverance he would have had a higher chance of failure.

Another reason Salva survived was that he had hope that he would survive and find his family. His hope fueled his perseverance, only because he had hope that he would survive, he kept walking. If he did not have hope he may have doubted himself and may have just lost faith that he would find his family. If he did not have hope he might have thought that the hard journey might be pointless so he might have just gave up. Without hope he would not have perseverance so he would not have made it to the refugee camps and to America, he probably would have probably never see his family again.

All these things combined kept Salva Mawien Dut Arrik alive. Without any one of these things Salva might not have survived throughout the journey of struggle. The groups helped him, Perseverance made him keep walking and his hope fueled his perseverance. If Salva did not have these things Salva Dut might not be what he is today.

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