Organizational Culture and Organizational Performance

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Organizational cultures greatly influence the performance of companies and organizations, both in financial aspects and in the results of companies as a whole

Where good organizational culture achieves internal integration that leads to me implementing the goals and strategies of accredited companies, as it seeks to constantly change and develop its cultures to ensure continuity in the best performance

This analytical study aims to analyze and research according to research frameworks and models, the role of organizational culture and its levels in the performance of companies negatively and positively, and what are the results for that, and reach conclusions, and then make the necessary recommendations that we believe must be followed to obtain the best performance.

The subject of this study is (Hayel Said Anam & Partners Group of Companies), one of the largest companies in the Republic of Yemen, which has 87 branches in the Republic of Yemen, as well as the Arab Gulf states, East Asia, and Britain.


The Department of Eleonora and Violeta in its study published in the APSESCO No. ISSN 1392-1258′ FACTORS OF ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE CHANGE’ of organizational culture to three factors affecting organization management within companies and organizations:

  1. Factors that indirectly affected the organizational culture of companies and organizations as a whole (the overall environment of the company or organization – culturally, socially and politically))
  2. Factors that may have a direct impact on the organizational culture more precisely
  3. (such as clients – and other organizations ).
  4. The leader’s influence on the cultural environment, where leaders play a major role in managing culture within organizations and companies, with their beliefs, the values they hold, and the special systems that each leader may invent

Shane pointed out that the source of cultures is:

‘Cultures basically spring from three sources: (1) the beliefs, values, and assumptions of founders of organizations; (2) the learning experiences of group members as their organization evolves; and (3) new beliefs, values, and assumptions brought in by new members and leaders’

Since we started going to school and along the educational stages, primary, secondary, and university (the name of( Hayel Said Anam and Partners group) hesitates and we find a partner for society in all its needs, in our daily life we see all the company’s products, as well as its services , And when we grew up and started looking for a place to work, the aspiration of many young people was to work in Hayel said group Blessed, despite the presence of many companies in Yemen with the same age and with the same possibility, but there was something that touched the community, behind and they had a direct and tangible impression that it is the first level of organizational culture levels.

What the group created as leadership was narrated and directed to invade the culture of society, which was in dire need for that in all times of time it was planted by a visible and tangible culture that uniquely distinguishes its distinctive attire in the outfit and slogan of its companies in advertising and advertisement touching the awareness and awareness of society in a way created a deep cultural dimension as a matter of pain Thal, one of its products called ((Abu Walad biscuit)) was born with us and accompanied many generations with the same cultural nature in society, The artifacts emerged in the group of Hayel Said Anam and Co., familiar with the artifacts of their visual products. We heard, felt and touched them, created creativity and produced for their community what they needed, and established published values and observed rituals.

According to Edgar Sheen, this noticeable behavior is an antique, which she considered to be the first level of organizational culture.

We observe as a society these things, but we may not be able to understand the beliefs and values within them and how they relate mainly to performance. In many companies and organizations, the values are the headlines and the behavior required of them, it may put the people’s priorities purely their interest, but in reality there is a contradiction with what you say.

We understood cultures, but we still need to understand the content of this type of culture and the extent of its impact on performance. sheen believed that there is an urgent need to go deep into the second level of culture, which is Beliefs and values. ( Edgar sheen 27)

More research and literature indicates that corporate success depends only on – their financial returns – or monopoly and less competition.

Or until there is an urgent need for products (scarcity), or greater acquisition of high market shares Etc…. , one of the factors that the economic researcher may see as the main reason for the success of companies and the quality of their performance. It seems to many that it is, but there are American and other international companies that were with the same success and did not possess such advantages as Walmart. (cameron and quinn p4-5)

Its success factors were organizational culture through personal values and beliefs, (Hayel Said Anam and Partners Group) a Yemeni company whose founder is from a Yemeni countryside who has established value and accompanied an owner of a group of 87 companies . The founder of the company, Mr. Hayel Said, took it upon himself to develop a community culture and a trusted brand in his community.

Perception and awareness were developed by teams, creating creativity, innovation and cultural values within the group’s link to success.

Developing future visions that made the group walk on a straight line that carries success for its group through cultural groups and work teams created by leaders within the( Hayel Said Anam Group and Partners) by enhancing organizational performance and expansion.

According to( camron and….), it is the organizational culture and organizational performance that leads to success …. (The book Performance is one of the main variables in the company. It carries with the meanings and complexities, as( Lisa Malina Mang ) mentioned in a study that organizational performance is financial and other non-financial factors (non-financial is to foster an organizational culture, which shows how successful the company is in terms of reaching goals and results. And that performance is a dynamic variable that needs interpretation and personal judgment. The performance can be used to make predictions about how these actions will affect the future, survival and success of the company. (Vol. 5, No. 4, Winter, 2018 p. 13)

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How does organizational culture influence organizational performance?
Organizational culture has a strong influence on organizational performance. A positive, supportive culture can lead to better performance, while a negative or toxic culture can lead to poor performance.
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Organizations are created and shaped by the cultures they are a part of. In turn, organizations help to shape and define the cultures they are a part of.
What is the relationship between organizational culture and performance?
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