Opposite of Evil and Good

Updated January 14, 2022

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Opposite of Evil and Good essay

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The concept of good and evil are normally laid out very plain and simple as being opposites, but when examined more closely the concept that these two things are in total contrast to each other makes less sense than you’d think. To make a comparison, the entire process of life itself is all oriented around death and resurgence. Every biological creature at the top of their individual food chain finds it good that prey is available to them, if you were to protect a predators prey from being harmed then you in turn harm that predator, but while it is bad from the preys perspective to be eaten, it is an essential part of the point of view of the predator that wishes to consume it. The process of life in nature is unforgiving and cutthroat.

A parasite feeds on the nutrition of its host body in order for it to be able to sustain itself and multiply. The things that benefit them are quite the opposite for us. While there are procedures and eating cleanses that can rid us of the pain and symptoms of these parasites, using these processes can cause harm to many smaller organisms in the body that thrived in the parasites presence. What is helpful to one species is many times terrible for the others. Where certain groups might recognize multiple marriages as an ideal of love, a separate entity may consider it an act of sin. What is considered positive in a singular culture is harshly negative in another.

The teachings of the Old Testament in christianity that were once considered good acts aren’t good in the teachings of the new, the moral principles followed by one group of society may be considered immoral to another. The actions a homeless man might take in order to survive may be considered a ‘social evil’ by those who own homes, and the taxes mandated by those in power are considered evil by those of the lower classes but is still viewed as social necessity. The concept of good or evil is very subjective and complicated.

Subjectivism of morality is not limited by human investment in the wellbeing of others. A natural disaster like a hurricane or a tsunami may be disastrous for millions causing damage to everything and everything in their paths but could be vastly beneficial to aquatic organisms who are harmed by the various pollutants and toxins that humans create. The removal of the environmental pollutants from are waste could lead to the decline of production and a weakened economic state, but could end up being a major improvement of life for other species.

No action is ever met with a uniform decision of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ from the viewpoints of all people, cultures, societies, and species. No action is definitively good for life, and similarly no action is bad for all species. There is no ‘opposite’ to good or evil; there isnt a scale with ‘good’ or ‘evil’ on either side: The concept is simply conflicting subjective interests. ‘Good’ is not the opposite of ‘evil’ because the concepts are too personal, subjective, and ambiguous to call for definition or resolution as opposites.

Opposite of Evil and Good essay

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