Ophthalmic Lens Corporation

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As an optician, my main job is to create eyeglasses and contact lenses utilizing the prescriptions provided by optometrists/ophthalmologists. Additionally, I prescreen customers by asking questions concerning their vision issues and the kind of corrective lenses or eyeglasses they are searching for. I also work closely with insurance companies to make sure customers are served and charged accordingly. In this paper, I will focus on the benefits I accrue from the resources available at ESSILOR.

The Essilor corporation has a lot in store for any optician. In fact, it is where opticians can get all they need. After visiting the website, I realized that my work can be made easier by what the site offers. First, the site offers various options such as lens innovation, lens types, platform for personalizing lenses among others. Since my work revolves around what the site offers, I think I can exclusively utilize it for my own design of eyeglasses and lenses.

Some of the important technologies for lens design are the ability to offer anti-glare, light-intelligent, and single-vision properties among others. Surprisingly, Essilor has more than these types of lenses, which include Crizal for anti-glare, Eyezen for single-vision, and Transitions for light intelligence (ESSILOR OF AMERICA, INC., 2018). Notwithstanding, one has the option of combining various lens types to come up with a desired solution. I guess I can highly utilize this website for the design of my lenses and eye contacts.

Moreover, the website offers insight into most common eye problems by linking users with a library of information. This means one can easily search for vision issues relating to their condition and ask for help immediately through their experts—Essilor experts (ESSILOR OF AMERICA, INC., 2018). As an optician, I can largely profit from their corporation. I can easily peruse information from their website, which will help in identifying issues for my clients and ordering the right kind of lens.

Essilor has so much in store for both the opticians and any other eyecare professional. For me as an optician, Essilor assists in the design and the mixing of lenses to come up with a desired piece. I can order the various products of my choice and consult with fellow experts of Essilor towards ensuring I offer good solutions to my customers. Besides, I also get updated on the latest information and technologies through its newsroom. I can recommend Essilor to my fellow opticians.

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