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Nypirg  essay

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NYPIRG is the true student advocacy group here at purchase. They are the largest non-profit organization in New York led by students. NYPIRG has lobbied officials in Albany to protect our students rights. NYPIRG is the student driven action for students, by students. The work that I put forth as a NYPIRG project leader was to protect our democracy. This is issue is of grave importance to students, as less and less young people take part in our democracy. I have also worked extensively with the project leader of Environment to educate our peers of the planetary crisis we must face as a result of climate change. The work that I completed with NYPIRG was to explore the different styles of grassroots movement that can be achieved when students are the ones driving the movement.

One of the key issue we tackle as NYPIRG is to make sure our democracy is vibrant for everyone. But we have lobbyist who go to Albany who would rather increase the power of the few than defend voting rights for all. There has been lobbyists who have been promoting legislative proposals which make it harder for minorities to register and vote in their communities. What is even more shocking is that there are proposals that have proposed on state and local levels to allow less people to take part in our democracy. We have found even higher up in the ladder, is in the Supreme court, The Supremes court decision has striped key parts of the Votings Rights Act that allowed for less enforcement from the Voting Rights Act. It is disheartening to see our own politicians that we have voted into power not be able to fix our voting rights. We have also been seeing endless amounts of money poured into the the political process. It is not even a question that our representatives is no longer working for ordinary Americans as they are the ones letting this happen. The special interest that rule over Albany doesn’t want us to have high voter turnout. And on top of this, there is a level of systematic suppression of the vote. As NYPIRG, we can not let this go unanswered. That is why i have made it my job with other NYPIRG members to follow all they money that is being funneled into our NY elections. There is a reason why NY state is 46 for voter turnout, New York has not many any steps towards early voting. New York has also been known to remove individuals from the Roll call. NYPIRG has made great efforts on calling this out and bringing it up to our State Attorney General. It is also important to report on the level of waiting time that minority precincts have to face when it comes to voting. NYPIRG fights for minority voting rights as it is essential for our democracy to have more say from all walks of life. That is why we must restore the Voting Rights Act to extend protections to all minority voters. That is why on behalf of NYPIRG we want to education the importance of making Election Day a national holiday. We must lobby to our politicians that there is not enough polling places and poll workers at the polls. We must also allow automatic voter registration in New York. We must also restore the voting rights of people who have served their debt to society. We must also be able to demand change through a grassroots movement. This grassroots movement is taken on the streets in peaceful protest by students, it is in marches through the streets, it is done by sit-ins.

If you were to ask what is one of the greatest security issues facing our planet as of now, it would always be climate change. That is why as NYPIRG we’ve made it one of our key issues to tackle. There are those who disagree with the overwhelming scientific evidence on climate change. But we as NYPIRG made it our business in a non-partisan way to tackle the issue and start having discussions with students on the matter. Scientist around the world have unanimously stated that climate change is real and a real threat to our planet. Climate change has had devastating effects on our planet that are irreversible. It has been caused by our human activity and our lack of policy to combat climate change. United States is no longer in the forefront to combat climate change because of the lack of leadership from our current president. New York has made promises to transition to renewable energy, but has made promises to far into the future. It is now our duty as NYPIRG and local leaders of our communities to part the waters and bring down the barriers to push for compressive legislation to combat the threat of climate change in Albany. We must act boldly before the devastating effects of climate change become worse and the severity of floods, extreme storms, and droughts escalate. We must stand up to the fossil fuel companies because of the fact that they are more concerned about their profits and not on the planet that we will pass down to our children. We have found that the level of donor money that goes into Albany is astronomical. Climate change continues to ravage our planet and our people. And we have lobbyist in albany who are giving endless amounts of money to buy politicians on both sides to ignore the science. That is why in our efforts we must lobby to politicians in the interest of the planet over profit. We must join the rest of the industrialized world to work towards reversing the damage we have caused from our endless human activity that has sped up our climate change.

NYPIRG has taken bold steps not just for ourselves or for anyone in particular, but for future generations who will benefit from our struggle. We need to clear the way for a healthy planet for animals that are facing the burden of our human activity. That is why we must put forth all the necessary climate change initiatives that would save our planet. We must encourage our lawmakers to pass the proper legislation to take on the fossil fuel industry and tackle climate change head on. This planet needs to start being a planet that we all share in because we have been taking advantage of its vast resources for too long. The actions that we take now must be lasting and ensure in the hearts and minds of our children that we will pass bills that will combat climate change. This is done by putting forth a clean energy policy and be a leading example to the rest of the country to transition to wind, solar, and geothermal. If we destroy the planet from our activity, it will be the end of our own species. That is why we must create a culture in which we put our planet first before any corporations. We need to be a positive force for other nations to follow when we start transition to green energy. It will say a lot about America if we keep a healthy and habitable planet for future generations down the line. We must also be taking the necessary steps to ensure that our democracy is not sold to the highest donor. The level of turnout has gone down and we must make it clear to the special interest that are trying to steal elections, that our democracy will continuously thrive. That is why the level of grassroots movement that NYPIRG sparks up in students is so important.

Nypirg  essay

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