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Updated May 12, 2022

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In America there are many threats in the democracy. Many of those threats are small and some are big. Some of these issues are money in politics, polarization, and executive branch overreach. People don’t really take time to view other problems in the democracy they simply focus on the current one that’s all over the news. Many Americans have the power to change the U.S. whether it’s politics or living condition. All U.S. citizens have the chance to make a change it’s whether they vote or not. Many of these changes occur during election which many citizens ignore. Every month there are constant criticism toward the government and many don’t know it’s because of voter apathy that changes don’t appear. Voter apathy is one of the greatest threat to democracy as voter turnout still remain low among U.S. citizens .

In the U.S. voting is declining heavily each year. In the last 40-50 years our rights as a citizen to be able to vote has been declining in the United States. Comparing the statistic of 1968 the U.S. had over 60% of citizen voting now it has dropped to less than 50%. Looking at other countries U.S. has the lowest turnout votes in the world. This is simply because many people are staying home during Election Day. In 2012, 222 million eligible voters across the U.S. and only a little more than half of the 222 million people voted. In a city called Lynchburg 52,979 registered voters were available and only 12% of the people voting meaning only about 6,000 people voted. This shows that each year many Americans are deciding not to vote. This shows that Americans are a bunch of lazy people. Voting should be a matter of life and death to many of us because it shapes how our future will be. If voter apathy continues in the U.S. the population will start to see problems and there will be heavy consequences because of the action of ours.

There are many consequences of not voting when able to. Voting is an important right that all citizens of the U.S. were granted by the amendments. Simply not using that vote that was granted to people who are 18 and up shows how simple minded some people are. What people don’t know is that, not voting can cause a terrible things . It might not reflect what the citizens want which causes problems to everyone. We put how we live in the U.S. at stake every time almost half the population doesn’t vote. As many people aren’t voting it is hurting us economically. Many unfortunate things can happen if not enough vote appear on some ballots. Citizens can be put to risk with unreliable leaders who will lead the city or nation. As years go on things will always get worse before better if voter apathy is still and issue. Just sitting at home and hoping for other people to somehow make a difference is putting risk on the line. Not voting can also affect us environmentally in the U.S. Every year when we don’t vote we are taking our rights and freedom for granted each time and this won’t stop until something is done with the lack of voting.

There are many reason why U.S citizens are not voting. Many people don’t vote because they simply make the excuse that they are busy. U.S. citizens cannot simply give up 10-30 minutes of their time for one day to vote. In some cases some citizens are motivated by their own comfort meaning everything is fine as long as nothing includes them. They are corrupt in the mind to be thinking like this. Why would any citizens think it’s alright to not vote if this was the case. The main parts of why citizens don’t vote is because they aren’t educated. Many schools don’t teach students how to be informed. It’s only some schools that make sure there students can be well informed about what is going on. Another reason why people aren’t voting is because many dislike the candidates. Most of the times many people don’t even know why they hate the candidates, it’s like people are just following the wave. Many don’t give other candidates a chance and just vote for the main ones without looking at the others. Finally citizens believe that the voting isn’t taken serious. What this means is that many citizens believe that votes will not count or cease to exist in the ballot. They believe voting is just to see the opinions of the public and really not help choose who becomes the candidate.

Some counter arguments to this is if teachers make children’s well informed of our government or what to vote for, voter apathy will decline making it not a threat to the United State. The government must set out rules to make sure students at the age of 10 be well informed of what is happening around the world and stop keeping them clueless. Many say this is an adult type of things but little do they know if they can inform the students this will never be a problem. Students who are eligible to vote at 18 currently won’t vote because they know nothing. If the government was to make them well informed, students would have voted or at least more students would have because they would be able to know what to vote for. Therefore voter apathy may be a threat to the Democracy but it could have been way more different. Different meaning it could have been a less of a threat to the United States if children’s were informed. Even if it’s a huge threat right now many people still won’t vote because many people don’t know what to vote for. To prep for next elections it is said teachers should try and inform students for the next presidential election so voter turnout can be different then it has in recent years. Making students or citizen in general informed can pose a less threat to the Democracy.

Voter Apathy isn’t much of a threat because candidates who run should know they don’t always keep promises meaning they should know why voters don’t vote. When candidates say they will do this and that many citizens believe it at first. Until a certain amount of time where it continues citizens catch on and stop voting. For example a woman name Luls Hill who voted in every election since she was able to. Until her senses of civic began to fade away from her. Keep in mind she was raised by a coal mining family. Many people in her life started getting laid off from the mines and opioids started to poison her neighbors. As elections came politicians saying they will make things better but never once did it happen. As the elections came again they said the same things and this is where she no longer believed them. This shows why voter apathy rises in America. Is Voter Apathy really a huge threat to the democracy because this shows untrustworthy politicians are the main problems to the democracy. They make citizens not want to vote with the lies they spread during their speeches. Therefore, voter apathy is it really citizens fault they think their votes don’t matter no it’s because politicians stockpiled up on lies making citizens think like this.

In the articles used The New York Times are Liberals. The reason why The New York Times are a bunch of liberals is because the things they write are all bias on the matter of one person. They take opinions of one or two person and write it into an article. How can one or two person affect the media so much. What they say in this article is all on what one person experience and it’s bias because it can be different for everyone. Another Liberal article that was used was The Guardian as it takes opinion of a person/social justice warrior which is Obama. The other two liberal articles that was used in this research was the data base one. As it has viewpoints that seems to try to help everyone somehow. For example in one of the article a man name Michael Madrid wanted to make people more knowledgeable and wanted to lead people so he became commanders in some part of his duties. Another is the NSPME who want to try and enhance student voting which they are basically justice warrior trying to make the democracy good again.

The conservative articles that were used was firstly The Tribune. It seems to criticize American citizens for the wrongdoing they have done. They try to make things good such as if education is vital of being a good citizen make sure all children at least 10 are informed. Another article was Fortune which was also conservative. They seem to focus on a set of people lives as they believe the most powerful people should be able to make decision for the majority of the people. In some ways they are bias about that as it is just an opinion of what they think. The last two article which was Editorial boards were a conservative base type of articles. They believe that if they were to vote the private citizens which are white basically will have “skin in the game” This is a conservative based type as reading the article it’s closer to the conservative side and what they believe in.

Now to fix this issue on voter apathy all you need to do is vote, it may sound simple for the many people who haven’t voted it’s hard. For the U.S. to have a brighter future the citizens must all vote. To make voter apathy stop itself you yourself have to be willing to stop it yourself. When things are shown to be unfair in the law don’t complain about it as you have no rights to complain because you yourself haven’t voted yet. The ones who have rights to complain are the ones who voted for a different law but were rejected. Nothing in the U.S. will be changed instantly because everything takes time. Simply voting in one election won’t cause instant change but it can surely allow changes in the future. This is why the U.S. needs everyone’s votes because as a whole they want everyones opinion. To help increase these type of things government should be trying to inform as much people or students as possible before the next election to make sure majority of the people vote. Having only 50-60% votes is simply not enough to tell if one leader can do the job because almost half the population opinion is missing.

In Conclusion voter apathy is a huge threat to the democracy. Whether the issue in democracy is somewhere else voter apathy will remain. The lack of votes in the U.S. will never change as stated above until citizens realize they need to vote. Each year voter apathy increases and the lack of voters increase. If this continues there will be consequences that would be inevitable in the future. If American citizens keep thinking that there votes don’t matter they are wrong.

Voter Apathy essay

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