Neil Armstrong Biography in A life of flight

Updated October 23, 2020

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Neil Armstrong Biography in A life of flight essay

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Neil Armstrong The American astronaut, Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon. In one of the most famous remarks of the twentieth century, he called his first movements on the moon “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” He was the eldest of three children and he when he was six years old he went in a plane for the first time, this was the time when he fell in love with flying this was explained in the book “life of flight by Jay Barbbree, the only person Neil trusted to write this book with the details of his life. First man, (second text) is a new movie about Neil Armstrong and how he got to the moon, but A life of flight is about how he was brought up and how he got into his love of flying. And how he became the first man on the moon and a hero for most Americans.

In the biography “A life of flight” by Jay Barbee, this biography is extremely important for the history of space travel and for the history of the Armstrong family, this biography focuses on Neil Armstrong’s life as an Adult, from finding his wife to volunteering at NASA as a test pilot. This text was published in 2014 and the reason this text was published is because Neil thought it was time for his life story to come out and tell his story. This biography shows how hard Neil’s life was before he landed on the moon for example he lost his daughter who inspired him to go to the moon and he also lost many of his friends who also where Astronauts.

Neil Armstrong Biography in A life of flight essay

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