Nature Versus Nurture: Nature Has More Impact

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Many people are debating on whether Nature or Nurture has a bigger impact on our human existence. Kendra Cherry explains by saying, “Nature, our genetics, allows us to inherit many different types of traits and characteristics from our parents, including having different hair colors, different blood types, and our height. It also refers to your looks and your personality. Nurture allows some of these traits to be altered for the better or for the worse due to our lifestyle, environment, and even how we were raised”(Cherry). There are legitimate arguments for both sides of the debate. However, I believe that Nature has a greater impact on human existence because it matters more throughout your entire life.

First, Nature has a greater impact on human existence due to the limitations it puts on many individuals. For example, I have epilepsy, which and I am restricted to doing many activities. I am on medication to treat my epileptic seizures, and the main side effect for the medicine is painful headaches. These headaches do not allow me to focus on a certain task for more than two or three hours. This concentration is very important when taking standardized testing or entrance exams. However, when I do not take this medication, I would have a seizure, once a year, around Christmastime.

For instance, I was reducing my medication from 1200 mg to 600 mg. I had a seizure at school due to the quick reduction of medicine, and this forced me to miss a couple days.at school and many important lectures in class. According to Nick Collins of “The Telegraph,” he explains, “ In fact, Nature determines your personality. He conducted tests on many sets of identical twins because they basically have the same genetics, and their personality experiment resulted in the twins having different categorized character traits for one of the twins”(Collins). Many people would argue that nurture creates your personality, but this trial explains that Nature is able to impact an individual’s whole life.

Moreover, Nature has a greater impact on human existence from the example of the movie Gattaca. According to the movie Gattaca, “Vincent is born with a heart ailment, and this kept him from doing many activities”(Niccol). His dream in life was to become an astronaut; however, that is not possible when an individual have this disease. He was able to go on the launch, but he will certainly not make it back because his heart is already 10,000 beats overdue. One is not able to completely change how this heart ailment will affect themselves by your environment and lifestyle.

Lastly, Nature is more impactful than Nurture because making these “designer babies” is morally wrong, and it would not help the individual anyways. Most of your life comes down to being relatively intelligent, and to say the least, your intelligence matters a great amount and builds how an individual is and what he or she enjoys doing. According to Dean Rousewell, he stated, “60% of your child’s intelligence comes from your parents”(Rousewell). There was another experiment conducted on twins to determine if Nature or Nurture would determine if one would have higher exam scores.

According to Andy Coghlan, “Nature destroys Nurture. […] The team found that 58 percent of higher exam scores were determined by Nature and only nurture only made up 36 percent of the higher exam scores”(Coghley). This means that most of your intelligence is inherited, and inheritance of traits is caused by Nature, which means that Nature has a greater impact on human existence.


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