My Life Challenges in Childhood

Updated February 18, 2022

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My Life Challenges in Childhood essay

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My life challenges were growing up not having much money not being able to help all those things that you want because your mom is a single parent who is raising 5 kids and the only support that you have from your grandma stop child support him in a minimum wage job.

When you’re a kid you really don’t really know what’s happening in Japan live or work life struggles your family are going through but I guess that’s just like for you because you really can’t control anything on your way life struggles like this news you motivate yourself are you have some kind of support.

My own life struggle started when I was in middle school I was struggling in classes but I passed his great but once I got loose it got the 7th grade network things really got bad for me because I guess I had I was distracted by the people around me I’m not going to happen.

Oh I did help me with my work or anything most of the things I have done it on my own because I thought I was cold enough and nobody was there to help me but there were times where people bully me and make fun of me I didn’t tell the teacher because I know nothing would be it would be done about it so I watched it myself I really didn’t have many friends in school there are people on talk to but now they have a lot of friends had friends outside of school that I went to school with but we really don’t see each other much in school in one of the life challenges that I had because he distract me from my school work done there were times where I didn’t want to go to school because of that reason but I don’t want to drop out of school I wanted to finish and make my mom proud I ended up filling.

Seven grade I ended up in this class called second chance class and there are people in there that I didn’t like because they make fun of me there was a student that was poor boy me and he sprays stuff on me that was in the class but nothing was done about it all that going to that class I thought it wouldn’t make it out of that class but I did.

My Life Challenges in Childhood essay

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