My Health, Weight and Body Image

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I am glad to be forced to take a look at my personal health and to develop a plan for my future. For the last few years it has been a subject I chose to ignore. Faced with this assignment and the desire to do well on it, I am forced to take a hard look at myself and decide the next steps.

Once upon a time, I was tall and thin and on the outside all evidence pointed to a much healthier version of myself. I was thin, I exercised 3 or 4 times a week and did everything I knew to do to maintain my weight and keep my physical body in good shape. There are times I look at myself in a photo and I barely recognize that person from 10 years ago.

3 years ago, I was depressed because I got a lot of criticism from the crowd that said I was gorgeous and not beautiful. So I decided to take weight supplement pills. After almost a month I used the supplement, I decided to stop because many articles about the danger of taking such extra drugs like a supplement.

Today I am not thin, I am lucky to get to the gym once a month and from the outside it would appear that I have much room for improvement. Interestingly today I feel healthier at the age of 25 than I did at teen age. Back then, my outward appearance might have shown a healthy, trim and tan young girl, but inwardly I was quite the opposite. I was a little bit chubby, I was stressed to the max I had a very poor diet and even though I did not look it, I was a mess.

Now, I am 20 kilogram heavier than I was in my teen age. I do not appear nearly as healthy as I did back then, at least outwardly, but I feel healthier than ever before. I have learned to manage stress with yoga and meditation, I am careful about what I eat and very aware of the importance of health. Inwardly I am a bill of health.

Through my research two issues I decided I want to improve upon are losing weight and incorporating physical exercise into my life. Using the methods in the plan that I have developed, I hope to bridge my outward self with my inward self and bring about a profound change in my life to improve your body and mind without the spirit coming along too. I feel as though I am spiritualty fit, I have purpose and I live in a state of gratitude and optimism as much as possible but I am excited to see how much better it can be once I reach my goals.

Onto my physical health as a whole this dimension plays a huge rule in my wellness. I find my body to be very healthy. I am very active I love to exercise and eat right, and get enough sleep. I find my physical health to be very important to keep myself in proper shape. Physical wellness relates to my life by making smart and healthy choices each day. Making sure to get check-ups on my health is critical as I am getting older.

Intellectual health is the willingness to take on new ideas and challenges. I am a person who can easily recognize problems quickly, and think fast to come up with a way to solve the problem. I have gained much knowledge on this dimension of my health. Continually learning new things is something I enjoy to do and will continue on with my learning. I plan to get a Masters degree someday. Keeping my brain always learning and thinking will help keep me on a good path with my intellectual health.

As I stated earlier, outwardly I need some work and I am the only one who can do it. I am spiritually fit and grateful that I can see the good in most situations and maintain a positive outlook on life. Going back to school is a major hurdle for me, I started 2 years ago and I feel that I need to finish it. My attitude and my feelings about my self-worth improved when I returned to school and, although I have less time for my activities, I feel good about my decisions. I know that in the end that I am going to be a smarter, more physically fit being and I am taking the steps needed to get there.


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