My Dream Job is Mechanical Engineer

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I once had a dream like everyone where it was fabulous or sometimes crazy if you think about it now. One of my dreams was to be a mechanical engineer and going to my dream college. I have dependably been intrigued by the tremendous employments robots can perform, and by the way, every one of these huge planes can actually fly. The issue is, my advantage was not fulfilled by roaming around the external appearance of these machines or by how well they accomplished their capacities, yet was the dream that was deferred. In the poem “Harlem”, Hughes suggests “Or crust and sugar over/like a syrupy sweet”(7-8). My dreams were once sweet like the syrupy sweet and thought that I can accomplish it. However since I came from a small island, Saipan, there was a lack of materials, so I had to defer my dreams and turn into a crust as mentioned in the poem.

There wasn’t sufficient research materials and textbooks for all students. Not a single high school in my island can bear the cost of the million-dollar immense range of offices on the island. The public school system has a debt of over billions of dollars so there also time if I am not mistaken, we had a scheduled time of air conditioning. Saipan is located near the equator, so we had to sit down sweating all over the place. Hughes mention “Does it dry up / like a raisin in the sun” (2-3). Once, the raisin was fully ripped but since no one is touching it the raisin dry up under the sun.

Someone had to change this and support the students with materials or we will be all devastated and be dry up like the raisin. I wanted to be a mechanical engineer so I had to study with what I was available for. I made up a decision that everybody must alternatively work with tools; since I feel it was not reasonable for a single student to overwhelm the entire investigation, in spite of the fact that it was I that should work with the devices constantly. In the meantime, I was extremely worried that I got not as much as enough preparing for my future career, so I messaged the issue to the directors in our school in my sophomore year. Shockingly luckily he invited me to work in his lab from junior year.

If you read the poem Harlem most of the thing is affected by the environment in each of the questions that the speaker opposed. The object was perfectly fine and it was pleasing to look at but however, the surroundings harm the object and ruined it. So I came up with a solution with my situation. Since I didn’t have enough resources to support my career, mechanical engineering, which requires a lot of studying, I decided to change my environment. I decided to come to California and fulfill my dream where there are enough resources where I can study and learn. Since I was considered out of state student of California, I decided to attend community college first then transferred into a 4-year college. I think that the only solution to a deferred dream is whether you change yourself, or change the environment. For my situation, I couldn’t do anything about it unless the government supports the public school with the large number of resources which I don’t think that will ever happen.

My dream has not been achieved nor it has been achieved. I am in the process through my dream. I am currently studying at De Anza College which is one of the great community colleges in California and II am slowly walking toward my dream. When you say “dream” II believe that it’s not that something easy to achieve and I am sure it is something that it will make you happy. When you ask what is the significance of this achievement, I would answer that no matter what how hard or whether your dream has been deferred or restricted there always a solution like how there is an answer to every question. I learn how hard it is to achieve our dream but in the end, we all are delightful of everything we have done.


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What are your career goals mechanical engineer?
I would like to become a mechanical engineer because I am interested in how machines work and how they can be improved. I also like working with my hands and problem solving.
What is a good job description for a mechanical engineer?
A good job description for a mechanical engineer might include: "Designs and supervises the manufacture of mechanical equipment, such as engines, tools, and machines" and "Plans the layout of equipment, tools, and workspace to streamline production."
What is your dream job answer?
I would love to work in a position where I can help others and make a difference in my community. My dream job would also allow me to use my creativity and problem-solving skills.
Why do I want to be a mechanical engineer?
I have the necessary qualifications and experience for this job. I am a motivated, hard worker who is always looking for new challenges.
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