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Dreams are a characteristic piece of life for everybody. Every single image and symbol that shows up in our dreams has a meaning. Our dreams are to manage us and offer us enthusiastic and mental assistance. From the part till now there are people who pay attention to dreams and the way it is interpreted. In the epic of Gilgamesh, which is one of the most well-known literary writings in the world, we can see in some of the parts of the epic it pays a serious attention to dream. “Scholars in China in the last decade started to take the concept of dreaming and its interpretation in a more serious way. Several facts have been appeared about dream which is that there exist a reality or an actual scene in every dream based on our real life and situation.

So in Chines culture there exists a vast universe of dream.” (Shuen-Fu,Lin). Also in the book of Genesis, which is the book of the beginning, we can see that dream was one of the ways that God used to communicate with human, and it was mentioned as a future teller. ”In the past the importance of dream was determined from the way it was interpreted accordingly with medical popular or religious cases. The accurate determination of the dream before the outcome of the dream occurred was very important.” (Steven M, Oberhelman).

Dream was one of the main points in the Epic of Gilgamesh, which is one of the most famous literary writings in the world. It talks about a king living in Uruk whose name is Gilgamesh and Enkidu as the best friend of Gilgamesh. In many parts of the epic we can see that there is a serious attention to dream and the way they are interpreted. What the dream stands for in their real life was very important. The beginning of the epic talks about the power of Gilgamesh and the reason why people asked Aruru; goddess of creation, to create a match for Gilgamesh equal to Gilgamesh’s stormy heart. The goddess Aruru created Enkidu; a wild man, and at that point Gilgamesh had a dream.

Gilgamesh tells his mother that he had a dream last night. In his dream there was a meteorite of Anu that has fallen onto earth and embraces him. Rimat-Ninsun; Gilgamesh’s mother translated every detail in his dream into a positive real life indication. In his dream he tried to lift the meteorite but he could not because it was too mighty. Gilgamesh had another dream and there he embraces an axe. His mother interpreted his dream and said: “There will come to you a mighty man, a comrade who saves his friend.”(Gilgamesh Tablet 1). According to these dreams she said that there will come a man and he will become Gilgamesh’s friend. These are all indications for the coming of Enkidu; the wild man.

After this part there is another dream and its interpretations on Tablet 4. In this tablet the point is that Gilgamesh and Enkidu are on a dangerous journey to the cedar forest to kill Humbaba; the monster of the forest. When Gilgamesh and Enkidu were near Lebanon, Enkidu prepared a place for Gilgamesh to sleep. Gilgamesh slept and woke up in the middle of the night since he had a disturbing dream. In his dream the mountain fell down on him. Enkidu interpreted his dream and said: “My friend, the mountain which you saw in your dream is Humbaba, it means that we will capture Humbaba and kill him and throw his corpse into the wasteland.” (Gilgamesh, Tablet 4). Enkidu translated the dream as an indication of a good result, which was killing Humbaba.

Gilgamesh and Enkidu continued their journey, and after walking for a month and a half they stopped again and Enkidu prepared the sleeping place for Gilgamesh. In the middle of the night Gilgamesh woke up and said that he had another dream. In his dream Gilgamesh was grappling with a wild bull of the wilderness and there was a cloud of dust which sank to his knees. The dream seemed terrifying but with the interpretation made by Enkidu the dream became satisfying and favorable. Enkidu said that the wild ball in his dream is Shamash who protects them and holds their hands in difficulties.

After that Gilgamesh had three more dreams and for each one of them, Enkidu gave positive indications according to the details of the dreams. Indeed, it appears that dreams are the essential mode of correspondence in between gods and mortals. The details in these dreams are symbolic but also accurate. Enkidu listened to each one of the dreams and then he gave exceptionally cheerful translations. The dreams themselves appear to be terrifying and a sign for bad things to happen; however, with Enkidu’s interpretations they became very satisfying.

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