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Adversity In Hatshepsut’s Life

Undoubtedly the greatest cause of adversity Hatshepsut faced both during her lifetime and posthumously was the fact that she was a female pharaoh, a position of power that beforehand had almost solely been available only to males. The stigma ancient Egyptian society held against women meant that being a female with a position of power…


Ancient Egypt

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Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt

Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt both developed as major civilizations between around 3500 and 3000 BCE. These cultures allowed human people, intended for the only time in history, to settle down in the same place and farm instead of hunting their regularly risky wild animal food sources. Both empires shared similarities and differences in their geography…

Ancient Egypt,


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Historical Periods of Ancient Egypt

Summary For almost thirty centuries—from its unification around 3100 B.C. to its conquest by Alexander the great in 332 B.C.—ancient Egypt was the greatest civilization within the Mediterranean world. From the great pyramids of the previous Kingdom through the military conquests of the New Kingdom, Egypt’s magnificence has long beguiled archaeologists and historians and created…

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History and Culture of Ancient Egypt

Egypt has fascinating information and ancient items. There is so much history and myths about the egyptians. There’s a bunch of interesting information to learn about such as the Gods, their queens, the Abu Simbel Panorama, Alexander the Great, etc. They believed in the after-life, that’s why they would mummify the kings and queen who…

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Djoser: Ancient Egypt Pharaoh

Did you know that “7 years of famine occurred”(Ancient Egypt Online) during Djoser’s rule? Did you know that Djoser was the first known Egyptian pharaoh that was also known as a god? Did you know that he was the 2nd ruler of the 3rd dynasty.Not many people did , so here are some more facts…

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Ancient Egypt Trade

Ancient Egypt was one of the first early civilizations. But even they had to trade to get everything they needed. Egyptians traded many things, with different people, and in varying ways. Trade started in Mesopotamia and Egypt is very close to Mesopotamia. Because of this, both of them became trade partners. Not many people know…

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Ancient Egypt Religion

Amun – The creator god who became a national god after the pharaohs moved their capital of the city of Thebes. Among all the multitude of the Egyptian deities, the god Amun was the king of the gods, a supreme creator god. He later joined forces with Ra the sun god who is also one…

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Temples in Ancient Egypt

Back in ancient Egypt temples where widely regarded as the most important aspect of any persons life at the time. A relationship to the gods was as integral to their life as food or air was. Temples as a whole can be split into two categories: Cultus, the religions side of things and Mortuary these…

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Ancient Egypt History and Religion

Egypt was founded on June 18, 1953. It is a country linking with Northeast Africa located by the Mediterranean Sea. It is considered home to one of the oldest civilizations on earth. Egypt is known for their pyramids, mummys, the sphinx, their language, and all ancient monuments. There are lots of interesting information to learn…

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Ancient Egypt Civilization

Ancient Egypt is known as one of the most outstanding civilizations since 3100 B.C. The Egyptian Kingdom was seen powerful and inspirational concerning its ruling, monuments, arts and science. However, today Egypt is still an intriguing and mystical civilization because of the unique features of the ancient kingdom. Not only archaeologists and scholars make researches…

Ancient Egypt,


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Architecture and Art of Ancient Egypt

The power and cult of the pharaoh

Wars of Ramses II with the Hittites

Ancient Egyptian society

Ancient Egyptian beliefs (Gods: Ra, Thoth, Sebek, Sekhmet, Set, Isis).

Literature of Ancient Egypt

The population of Ancient Egypt

Scientific knowledge in Ancient Egypt

Education in Ancient Egypt

Unification of Ancient Egypt

Irrigation agriculture in Ancient Egypt

The writing of the Ancient Egyptians

The transformation of Ancient Egypt into a powerful state: middle and new kingdoms

Natural and geographical conditions of Ancient Egypt

The reasons for the decline of Ancient Egypt at the end of the IInd millennium B.C. Later kingdom

The role of religious beliefs in the lives of the Ancient Egyptians

Building pyramids

The Destiny of Queen Cleopatra Vii

Analysis of Mesopotamia and Egypt

Ancient Civilizations And The Ancient World

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Law in Ancient Egypt

People of Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Civilization Of Egypt

The History of Mummies in Egypt

The Culture of the Early Civilizations

Cities of Ancient Egypt

Race in Ancient Egypt

The legacy of Pharaonic Egypt

The Unification Of Ancient Egypt

The Unification Of Ancient Egypt

The Afterlife in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Trade

Egyptian Army and Soldiers

Compare And Contrast Egypt And Mayans

Ancient Egypt’s Economy

Ancient Egypt to Present the Costume and Culture

Food in Ancient Egypt

Role of women in ancient Egyptian society

Ancient Egyptian Civilization And Culture History

Sumerian and Egyptian Hymns


The historical backdrop of Egypt is separated into dynastic (when the pharaohs managed), Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Arabic, Turkish and current periods.

Egypt Civilization started 7 thousand years ago. Now, conditions in Egypt were obviously superior to what they are present. Numerous individuals think that it’s difficult to accept, however, the Sahara Desert didn’t yet exist by any means, this spot was a savannah.

Development started in the Nile Valley. The huge measure of water made it conceivable to create proficient cultivating.

Along with farming in the fourth thousand years BC, the public framework rots, and little states are shaped, which were designated “nomes”. Thusly, the nomes joined into enormous states, which we call “Upper Egypt” and “Lower Egypt”.

Toward the finish of the fourth century BC, the contention between the two realms gets unavoidable, and the historical backdrop of Egypt as a solitary state starts.

North (Upper Egypt) crushed. The primary pharaoh was Namer, who established the “zero dynasty”. After some time of disturbance and the finish of the arrangement of a solitary state, under the standard of Pharaoh Menes starts the time of the “early realm”, around 3100 BC.

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