My Choice to Go to College

Updated August 3, 2022

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My Choice to Go to College essay

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The New School and I share a very similar ideology. “ To the Living Spirit”, a motto that not only describes my soul at heart but the basic principle in educating future generations of students to come. In comparison to The New School, I am always learning to progress and push my limitations in any task at hand. Growing up, I was fascinated by the wonders this world has to offer us. Whenever curiosity struck me about a certain topic I might have see or heard, my instinct would be to automatically research and study different sources. This became my absolute favorite pastime because after my amateur research and analysis, I was able to formulate my own opinions.

My mind had been left yearning to write and learn more. The desire to see the places and people that I wrote about and studied gave me a sense of true passion and joy.Natural curiosity and drive is what brought me to choose to major in journalism in The New School. After some extensive research regarding a college that is the best fit for me, I have come to the realization that The New School is truly where I would be able to thrive in my chosen field and be able to reach my full potential.

In addition to just journalism, The New School has drawn me for other reasons as well. I am most and foremost looking forward to being able to work with a plethora of people.This would give me the opportunity to express my ideas with individuals who share a similar passion and drive. With an ethnic diversity rate over 75%, The New School and I both respect the value of diversity. Being an individual who has emigrated from Russia, I can comprehend the struggle of not being particularly excepted into certain societal institutions. In order for a school to obtain the values of open-mindedness and success, new people are needed for such an environment to flourish. I believe that my foreign background can contribute to a new perspective in the school’s search for success.

On top of its unmatched growing ethnic diversity and culture, The New School gives each student the right for their voices to be heard and understood. I, like many individuals living in our day and age want my voice to be heard.The New School understands that in order for this to take place, there must be special organizations designed just for this purpose. Lang Student Union and the New School Free Press are some of the numerous student organizations that have caught my eye and stood out during my extensive college research.

I wholeheartedly knew that my voice would not get lost in the masses and I would be able to express my creative ability. This creates an incredible opportunity for me to explore other areas of study and have the ability to communicate in between staff and individuals. A learning environment like so would enrich my knowledge of the world surrounding me and in addition help provide me with an education that I would be able to take outside of the classroom and onto the world.


My Choice to Go to College essay

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