Motivation Is An Inspiration

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Motivation is an inspiration which plays a wonderful role in keeping us moving and follow our goals to realisation. It may also be interpreted as a driving force to fullfill your motives. It takes us tocomplete required actions to achieve desired outcomes. Motivation comes from either from within the individual called intrinsic motivation or by any occurance, happening, circumstances ,or another person and is known as extrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation is an intramural force guiding us to perform an actiomn to fulfill the desiresand feel the pleasure from it. It engages people in a behaviour which is unpretentiously delightfukl : for instance ; an internal applaud or self praise is the driving force.al, tgheintrinsic motivation tend to satisfy one’s inner self.

This is explined by many events like: doing social service to help others; serving in an NGO; donate blood; giving away charities. All these actions lead to make your innerself happy, satisfied and express gratitude. I often pay services at holy places not to impress anybody but to serve the society in return of a blissful life.

I learnt playing guitar because it acts as astress buster for me. I chosre nursing as aprofession to quinch my thirst for caring sick andelderly patients.it gives me a feeling as if I am caring for my grandma whom i was closely attached to sending a wave of euphoria .

Extrinsic motivation is the external incentives in the form of prize,cash, social recognition ,social statusfame, higher grades which drives you towards performing required action to taste the completion of yor goals. So, source of motivation is external.

Corporate sector is significantly based on on the concept of external motivation. commissions , salary increments, incentives, benefits ,and promotions often lure employees to meet the targets and make hugeprofits for companies. Students burn midnight oils to secure higher grades in hope for a better jobs.

Employees often work overtimes to earn better.children are witnessed to perform tasks assigned to them by elderly in order to earn pocket money or choclates. A person feels confident and worthy when he is recognized for his excellent job which serves an extrinsic source of motivation for him to perform even better.

Though both types of motivations plat their part well but in my opinion extrinsic motivatiomn is strongerin todays materialistic world. Every one is after grabbing, hoadering and accumulating wordly pleasures and almost dying to do anything for getting the maximum.

No exercise is performed to set standards without incentives world now a days is a global market where everything goes for a profit leaving no spot for service to humanity or charity leading to intrinsic motivation. People often participate in social welfare functions only to get a recogniyion for their deeds or use them as a platform to advertise their enterprise.so every stimulus for motivation is external .

Moslow’s hierarchy of needs also reveals thet basic needs like food, clothes and housing are to be met first to reach to attain levelof self actualization.so, this can only be achieved through extrinsic motivation
Children and adults share similarities towards motivational factors.

Adults may be driven by bothtypes of motivations as they are to survive in this materialistic worla as wellas satisfy their innerself and spiritualaspect b. whereas children are not mature enough to understand the concept of intrinsic pleasure or satisfaction and are limited tosatisfaction of basic needs.

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