Motivation in Human Resource Management

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Table of Contents

Motivation is the driving force for the actions, desires, and needs of the people. Motivation is one of the essential aspects of HRM that is concerned with the procedure of inducing, inspiring, organizing and encouraging employee to do the organization’s better job. Motivation activates individuals to achieve better job performance and high productivity. It is the result of interaction between individuals, the situation at work and characteristics of the job. The consequence of such interaction results in a goal-oriented behavior that satisfies the organizational need. It is an inner state which energizes, speed up and directs the behavior of the individual towards the attainment of organizational objectives.

Let us discuss the five innovative approaches towards employee motivation.

Employment satisfaction is important for high productivity, motivation, and low turnover of the workforce. Employers faces the dilemma of seeking opportunities to boost employee satisfaction, ensuring that their companies stay profitable. The organizational leader has a responsibility to create a high level of job satisfaction.

Leaders within their organizations can motivate their employees by following process by:

  1. By Providing Positive Work Environment: Creating employee satisfaction starts by providing a healthy work atmosphere first. To find what motivates people, you have to find what’s turning people on. This is a key factor in the process. A motivating work environment requires going beyond the call to duty and providing for the needs of the works. Walt Disney world company has an outstanding work environment for its employees. Employees’ service centers are geographically located around the theme park. Some of the facilities included employee reward scheme, childcare information, money orders, postage stamps, check cashing and bus passes. The Walt Disney company knows that taking care of the need of the workers keep them motivated, on the job and committed to the company.
  2. Rewards nd Recognition: American Author Mark Twain once said, “I can live on a good compliment for two months.” Personal recognition is a powerful tool for building moral and motivation. A pat on the back, a peer or supervisor’s personal note do wonders. Small, informal celebration are much more effective than a formal event once a quarter, or once a year.
  3. Graham Weston, Rackspace Managed Hosting’s CEO offers the key to his BMW M3 sedan to his top-performing employees for a week. This innovative way of rewarding workers has an effect greater than paying cash. He states, “if you give rewards as a bonus of $300 to an employee, that is not going to mean much. If anyone gets to use my vehicle to a week, they are never going to forget that. The point is that paying cash rewards and money does not necessarily create job satisfaction. There must be something innovative way of rewarding.
  4. By Involvement and Engagement of the Workforce: People can seem to be working but are they committed and productive? People are more involved and engaged when there is a process of contributing their ideas and suggestion for them. This gives a feeling of ownership and pride in their jobs.
  5. Sony corporation encourage the sharing of ideas within departments by the sponsorship of an annual ideas Exhibition. Scientists and engineers showcase project and ideas that they are working on during the exhibition. This process, which only open to Sony’s workers, maintain a healthy innovative environment and engages all those participants.
  6. By Developing workers skill and potential: Learning and preparation motivate employee and impowers efficiency and innovativeness. The consumer service persons at Federal Express are granted six weeks of training before they can receive the first phone call. Learning never stops and the checking continues on during their time of jobs. Customer service people are tested every six months using an on-line computer system. The results of the pass/fail are sent to each employee within 24 hours. They provide a customized “prescription” and a collection of resources and exercise that can help with areas that require review. The intensive training and development program at Federal Express have resulted in increased motivation and lower employee turnover.
  7. Evaluate and Measure Job Satisfaction: The final step of the PRIDE system is continuous evaluation and never-ending improvement. Evaluation is a non-stop oration, involving a particular sequence of actions. The primary purpose of this assessment is to measure progress and determine what needs to be improved. Continuous assessment involves, but is not limited to attitudinal analysis, productivity and workplace motivation. It includes identifying problem areas that need to be improved and designing and implementing an improvement plan. A job satisfaction survey is conducted at least once a year by good organization.


As per the question, being a consultant of M/s PoleStar & Co. I would use the strategies listed above to motivate and attract the employees of the company. The motivation of the employee is very important in managing human resources. Employees are motivated for different reason that benefit the organization. The causes include retaining the well-performing employees, growing the organization’s productivity or output; strengthening the coordination and employee morale. Many factors include lowering the operational costs and reducing the turnover of employees.


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