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Dr. Snopkowski is an extraordinarily dedicated and generous mentor-professor who creates a positive learning experience with her ability to motivate her students to listen to, discuss, and deeply understand each other’s points of view. She encourages her students to consider how their viewpoints and opinions link back to the evidence and theories presented in the course readings which stimulates critical and introspective thinking about personal perspectives as well as the course materials.

I am consistently inspired by her genuine desire to recognize and promote the intellectual spark in her students in the process of guiding them toward intellectual independence. Dr. Snopkowski’s pedagogical approach is nothing less than innovative, creative, engaging, and intellectually rigorous and the academic experiences I have had with her have positively impacted every aspect of my life, including the interactions I have with my teenaged children at the dinner table!

One of the most notable aspects of Dr. Snopkowski’s mentoring is how she enthusiastically works with graduate students to help them design and refine relevant research strategies to support their graduate thesis studies. In fact, I have watched her give the same enthusiastic support to undergraduate students working on research projects. I was once one of those undergraduates who benefited from her excellent mentoring and guidance and I continue to benefit tremendously from her mentoring as a graduate student.

Dr. Snopkowski’s ability to explain complicated interdisciplinary scientific research in simpler language nurtures her students’ self-confidence in their ability to execute outstanding research of their own. Accordingly, she provides both emotional, moral, and professional support and encouragement to her students to present their research findings at professional conferences and to write papers about their research and submit them to journals for publication. She also offers her graduate students the opportunity to lecture on topics relative to their research interests to her undergraduate classes. Last spring Dr. Snopkowski even traveled to Boston, Massachusetts to support one of her recently graduated undergraduate students who made a research presentation at a national conference.

Dr. Snopkowski’s recent appointment as the Graduate Program Coordinator for her department has not compromised her availability or enthusiasm to share her expertise and knowledge with her students who seek information on professional or academic resources, opportunities, and networks. Although her commitment and effectiveness as a mentor is quite remarkable, it is Dr. Snopkowski’s genuine compassion for and strong sense of responsibility to her students that generate the environment of respect and inclusiveness which allows her students to thrive.

Because of this, it is with immense gratitude and admiration that I recommend Dr. Snopkowski for the Boise State Graduate College Excellence in Graduate Mentoring Award. The award would be a great honor for this outstanding mentor-professor. I am certain Dr. Snopkowski will continue to be an exceptional professor, scientist, and mentor and will continue to promote excellence in graduate research for Boise State University students in particular and the world of academia in general.

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