Master Degree in Abroad Admission Essay

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Studying abroad has been one of my major dreams. But, right now, it is not a dream, it is a goal for me. You know, there is a great difference between goals and dream. “Dreams can inspire us, but goals can change our life.” Thanks to IVF, I have a great opportunity to change my life.

For my master degree, I have chosen Business Management specialization at the Masaryk University considering its prospects for all the students. Before deciding on them I have researched universities in the V4 countries separately, and finally, I made a decision to apply this major at the Masaryk University.

When I researched about the studied subjects and curriculum, I understood that this specialization at this university is an ideal choice for me. I also have learned that Masaryk University is one of the prestigious universities in the Czech Republic and in the world 571-580th in QS and 11th in EECA university rankings.

Additionally, the highest index of satisfaction among the employers concerning the students having graduated from Masaryk University, having teaching professors who have a great experience not only in Czech but also at other European universities, making students work hard and other reasons caused to apply this institution.

I suppose that MUNI creates an opportunity for not only its local students but also for international students. I believe that if I will study in Masaryk, not only will I get a great chance to improve my working experience in the International companies but also I will obtain an opportunity to attend in social activities and other important events.

The main objective of this program is to deepen the understanding of the functioning and the purpose of the business sphere, in different enterprises, their organizational structure, management style, and economy.

One of the crucial fields of the study is mastering the design of management systems, including knowledge of management or managerial skills. Studying psychological, socio-cultural, business and other communication skills is part of the study. The complex of acquired knowledge and skills will form me as a top manager capable of covering all the essential aspects of the functioning of the company with the ability to manage the business effectively and efficiently.

Thanks to the specialized focus of the studied subjects, I will have opened the possibility of realization in commercial enterprises in general (in higher management positions), or its specialized sections, namely marketing, purchasing, trade, etc. which are very interesting fields for me, because I have work experience in these fields. Graduating from a Master’s degree program will enable me to deepen my general knowledge base of economic sciences and to link them with practical application.

One of the attractive factors which influenced my choice was the course which I can take at the first and second semesters at Masaryk University is “Presentation Skills for Foreign Students”. In my opinion, I need to improve my presentation abilities, it will be very helpful for me.

I am also planning to choose my research project about “The Corporate Social Responsibility and its long and short-term benefits for the organization”. During “Corporate Social Responsibility” courses which will enroll during 2 semesters, I will get advice from professors of the field at Masaryk University, I reckon, it will help me to do a perfect research project.


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How long is masters degree in abroad?
The length of a master's degree program in abroad varies depending on the country and the specific program. Generally, it takes one to two years to complete a master's degree in abroad.
Is it good to do masters abroad?
Yes, it is good to do masters abroad. It allows you to experience new cultures and learn new things.
Which country is free for Masters?
The United States is free for Masters. The United Kingdom is also free for Masters.
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