Martin Luther King as a Leader

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The very definition of a leader is someone leads and take charge, with that been said. Leaders are not born, they are made. They are trained to be observant, courageous and responsible. History has proven there can be several type of leadership and methods followed by those particular leaders, but all leaders have one thing in common, which is the ability to motivate and influence people. We can all perceive a leader in our lives, whether it’s our parents or your manager. Chances it are, that person is in control and possess power to influence people.

To begin with, one of the remarkable leaders of our time is considered to be Martin Luther King Jr indeed he was a well known civil war activist and leader of the civil rights movement. Martin Luther was intelligent regarding his ability to develop diplomacy between two parties. Best known for his impact of African American civil rights movement for not using brutal force, but rather intellectuel and preferable suggestions and demands to improve the United States. It’s clear to say that martin Luther King Jr as a leader was a tactful person one trait a leader must operate. In the book on page 122 it says” He proposed a march on Washington to unite, in one luminous action, all of the force along the far- flung front.

In addition, what is tact mean as a leader? Tact is the ability to communicate in well manner without having to offend a displayed aggressive and unnecessary. This comes in handy as leader to communicate and get your point of view throughs people in a tactful manner. This should respect and the states of being confident and knowledgeable. According to the book in page 118 it says “It was a tremendous victory for the civil rights movement. Martin’s determination to use nonviolent forms of protest was successful. It was also the dramatic beginning to an even more important step.

Furthermore, perhaps the trail that was most recognizable by Martin Luther was his capability to simulate for common interest and goals to emerge was their condition. And what the crave for. In that case craving for civil right was the goals. Martin Luther successfully gathered the nation and simulate the idea of this necessary demands of right for African American in the end he was able to accomplish a certain level of psychological empowerment throughout the basic community in order to strive for a better future. In the book on page 164it says “ Having presented his demands, Martin moved to the close of his long, thoughtful speech, his voice gaining power and persuasion.

In conclusion, the very definition of a leader is someone leads and take charge. In this case Martin Luther king jr trained to be observant, courageous and responsible. Martin Luther is in control and possess power to influence people. As a leader he had capacity to accomplish his dream. Martin Luther King jr is one of the great leaders United States known.

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