Love is Perfect

  • Updated July 27, 2023
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How is it viable that a single notion could possess so much peace yet so much hatred? So much beauty and yet so much pain? The answer is simple. Love is the only thing in our entire universe that is truly perfect. And for it to stay perfect, it must grasp everything within it, both the good and the evil, both peace and war, both beauty and ugliness. Love is everything we wish it to be. Love is everything we make it to be.

Understanding love is the most important lesson a person could learn in their lifetime. It is the one thing that every person, every animal, and every being longs for. In our lifetime, we are capable of loving many different things. Our love can be for objects, things, and memories, but the love that we have for another human being is incomparable. We love our family and friends because they have impacted and influenced our lives and made us open our eyes. They made us see the world through their own eyes.

Not only did they add to our lives, but they have also changed our lives and our perspective. Out of all kinds of love, romantic love is the most dangerous, but also the most powerful one. The problem with romance is that we feel it, but we can never truly understand it. The first time that I feel in love I made the mistake that many others have made. I stepped into it as though I knew everything there was to know about love. However, my belief about love had ruined everything but it also made me stronger and understanding about the power that love holds.

Although I did experience love, I felt disappointed and I believed that no love couldn’t last forever. But can it? I’m not sure whether or not it’s our culture that destroys love, or whether it is just that we let these intense emotions that we feel define love completely. This shows that because we do not understand love, it actually causes us to ruin it. But how is it possible to love someone forever? It is incredibly simple. If someone you love changes your life so much that they change the person you have grown to become, you have no other choice but to love them.

Sometimes those we hate are the ones who change us for the better, but obviously we don’t love them. However, if a person you once loved, is a person with whom you once thought you would share your life with, spend your life with, be with until the end, changes your life too much, that will make you love him or her forever. Even though you might not want to, or if the person moved on with their life, or if they have become a different person you will still love them forever. However, this doesn’t mean that you will not find another person to love, you will go through your life loving many people and losing many of them as well.

We are capable of growing, changing and forming ourselves into unique individuals. But no matter how much we grow or how much we change, we will never truly let go of that one special love. That person has changed you so much that even the thought of letting go considers letting go of yourself as well. Love is a form of a terrible beauty that tells us about human nature and life more than anything else in this world ever could.


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