Letter to Paul Revere about Boston Massacre

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Dear Paul Revere,

I am writing this letter to inform you that you have done a great job by creating a propaganda, where it shows the British soldiers killing the Boston community people. From my perspective, I think it was right that you have purposely deceive the public about the events surrounding the Boston Massacre. The image that you have created helped the people of Boston people to rebel.

I think the drawing that you made had strongly influenced the people of Boston to take actions towards the British government. A job of a propaganda is to persuade people to believe in your perspective and it is meant to be exaggerated to the point where you get your point across. Thanks to you because at that point the colonists were able to be motivated to take actions and gain independence from the Britain in 1776.

Your propaganda helped persuade the people of Boston to anti-British the colonies. As to what your picture illustrates to me as is that there are British soldiers lining up along the line and shooting the people of Boston. This tells me that the soldiers are very aggressive and also their posture towards the community people of Boston. The picture also indicate North Americans people were weak this probably made the community people get more frustrated and to take action towards the British government. This particular image has helped the colonists to start the revolutionary war between England and America.

You were absolutely right to deceive the public about the events surrounding the Boston Massacre. The colonist was throwing snowballs at the British soldiers and caused a riot in the scene. Already people that were living in the Boston were angry due to not receiving anything back from Britain for helping them during the French and Indian war. Also, the people of Boston have to pay taxes for the whatever goods they buy from stores which also pissed them off. Although the colonist started this the events that happened beforehand can justify their actions.

The British have been crucial towards the colonies not giving them any representation or a voice in the government. The British did not allow the colonies to have rights or freedom. They also made the colonists fight in wars against their will. For these reasons I believe that you were justified to make this propaganda. Historically, after one year of this propaganda Americans eventually gained freedom in July 4th, 1776.

This image can be a dangerous to exaggerating the truth to achieve your political objectives. This image could lead to the colonies to a rebellion and eventually a war. The colonies would be taxed even heavier and their homes and properties would been taken away. They would suffer starvation and poverty. The colonies would lose even the little support they had from the British. The workers would lose their job and receive no pay compared to some.

The trade business would begin to fall and the economy would suffer. This could lead you to get arrested or prosecuted by the Britain government or you could have been expelled from the country and or you might be given a severe punishment and also it might have affected to your families negatively. To conclude, I am very grateful to you for doing something like that even though it was dangerous, the Americans were able to gain independence from Great Britain.

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