Let Your Low Deposit Holidays to Crete Become a Reality

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Located of the southern side of the Aegean Sea is the largest island in Greece and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea is Crete. While its beauty is even bigger than its size, it is a feast to the senses of people who ever set foot on it. With its remarkable mountain scenery, seducing beaches and amicable natives Crete never fails to attract numerous tourists to this most popular island holiday destination for beach breaks. If you’re planning on a Low deposit holidays, it is definitely worth revealing that Holidays to Crete is one of the best within your reach.

Crete, surrounded by water and equally distributed solace is home to an ancient culture known for its warm hospitality. With glamorous and admirable remnants of brilliant civilizations and stunning attractions set against the gastronomical backdrops are a must visit tourist locations accompanied by best holiday deals. Crete’s weather is the warmest between late May and early October and is considered the best time for good weather and swimming since most people go to Crete for beach breaks. Tourism in Crete is at its peak in the months of July to early September while Crete Holidays become a big buzz all around.

However, the best time for sightseeing is in the months of late March, April, May, October and early November. Ranging from endless choices in cuisines for epicures, beach places for beach breaks, famous night spots after sunset to composed seascapes at sunrise, the Crete island being a family friendly destination offers its beauty to couples and solo travelers as well. There are many more places worth losing your breath to around this magical island. It captivates and seduces the senses of tourists with its impressive and resplendent attractions to witness. Carry Crete’s map around and scout through the adorable island because Holidays to Crete could be more expeditious than the Holidays to Maldives.

Not convinced yet? Then, take a look at this informative post that highlights the top attraction here in captivating Crete.

Samaria Gorge

Listed on the UNESCO world heritage site’s tentative list is a far stretched 18 kilometer valley contained within the Samaria National Park. With the river Tarraios running through the length of the gorge sets a scenic backdrop for visitors to witness the beauty of this gorge. This place is byword among Crete’s not-to-be-missed icons. The panoramic view alongside the valley with people making a peace treaty with the mother nature is a way you can harmonize with the natural lands. While the stony path is quite challenging for people with knee problems, it is a must-do for athletic visitors and for people who seeking a tinge of adventure in their Holidays to Crete. This place might be a test for your fitness, though.

The palace of Knossos

This ancient structure dates back to the time of pre-Greek Bronze age in the reign of King Minos which is reckoned to have been his palace. Filled with ancient spirit, this palace could make the visitors fly back in time. It is an emblematic structure that represents Crete’s history and culture. Feel free to hire a local guide to show you around the remnants of this beautiful ancient place. The palace of Knossos could be a prodigious add on to your low deposit holidays to Crete.

Heraklion Archaeological Museum

Heraklion, the capital of the island is an obvious base for visiting the palace of Knossos and is itself a home for the captivating Archaeological museum. On display are the fascinating findings from the archaeological sites through the islands dating back to pre-historic, Bronze and roman age riches. This place is a halt point on your Crete holidays for tourists with archaeological interests.


The main town in the western Crete and the capital of island until 1971 is Chania. Overseeing the Aegean Sea and receded by White Mountains snowcapped in winter, Chania is a place one would never regret visiting as a part of their best holiday deals. Chania welcomes its tourist whole-heartedly to explore the attractions of this lovely place. Best way to explore this small town and blend with the the natives in Crete is by foot. You can find a maze of romantic alleyways painted with myriad of pastel colors that could inspire artists and people who have a fetish for aesthetic places.

That’s not it. While beach breaks and visits to beaches have no need to be discussed separately, Crete Holidays are nothing but a whole package of eye feast for globe trotters. With Crete becoming a place of bustle alongside the rising tour costs, low deposit holidays are still possible to make your Holidays to Crete a reality.

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