Justice in Nursing: More than Just Fairness

  • Updated July 24, 2023
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Navigating the intricate and rapidly evolving terrain of healthcare, the virtue of justice emerges as a foundational tenet of nursing practice. However, justice in nursing ventures beyond its rudimentary interpretation of ‘fairness’ and melds with various facets of healthcare, policy, ethics, and patient care. This exploration aims to delve into the vast implications of the justice concept within the domain of nursing.

Main Discussion

When applied to nursing, justice primarily bifurcates into two categories: distributive justice and social justice. Distributive justice focuses on the equitable distribution of healthcare resources. It is an essential notion, particularly during periods of resource paucity or when deliberating over recipients of certain treatments or interventions. Distributive justice provokes nurses to wrestle with challenging considerations concerning necessity, benefit, and available resources.

In contrast, social justice pertains to broader systemic and societal constructs impacting health outcomes. It prompts nurses to recognize how variables like socio-economic standing, race, gender, and disability might affect their patients’ health status, and to champion alterations that curtail health inequities.

Intrinsic to the principle of justice is the nurse’s function as an advocate. Nurses frequently occupy the frontline, witnessing firsthand the inequalities pervading healthcare. Consequently, they are uniquely positioned to advocate for their patients, assuring equal healthcare accessibility and addressing social health determinants. Nurses’ involvement in policy formulation, research, and leadership further reinforces their capability to advance justice at a systemic level.

Nevertheless, the pursuit of justice in nursing presents its own set of hurdles. Biases, both overt and covert, may influence healthcare decision-making. Moreover, structural issues such as healthcare accessibility, funding, and policy formulation may erect barriers to achieving justice. Therefore, nurses must commit to ongoing education and introspection to discern and surmount these obstacles.


Justice in nursing embodies a nuanced, multidimensional principle necessitating both individual and collaborative efforts. It summons nurses to don the hats of advocates, leaders, and reformers, striving for a healthcare ecosystem that equitably values and respects all individuals. By embodying the principle of justice, nurses can aid in crafting a more egalitarian, inclusive, and empathetic healthcare environment. After all, when seeking health and wellbeing, fairness should not remain an aspiration but should be an unwavering assurance.


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