Issue of Racism in the United States

Updated July 12, 2022

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Issue of Racism in the United States essay

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In modern day America, people are told to be themselves and stand up for what they believe in. They praise those who stand out of the crowd and have individuality. Yet there seems to be a line when it comes to people wanting to express their love to their home county. There are laws set in place that allow people to express this but regardless there is still a high rate of hostile verbal or physical attacks made in the United States and around the globe against those are of a minority race.

In the US, major racially and ethnically structured forms of racism have included slavery, segregation, immigration and naturalization law, and internment camps. It wasn’t until the mid-20th century in which formal racial discrimination was outlawed and officially made racism to be perceived as socially and morally unacceptable, but racial profiling remains a major phenomenon and still is seen in the socio-economic realm, education, and government. Racism is an issue at a global and national issue that is caused by the fear of terrorism, the lack of misunderstanding for another culture, and the high sense of pride in the US.

Racism has been around for many decades now, but the fear of terrorism was instilled into the lives of Americans after the attack of 9/11. Prior to this tragic event, people were still racist but after the attack people began to develop a strong sense of insecurity in their own country. The news media covered the event from when the second plane hit the towers up until the attackers were identified. From that day forward, the country has created a negative association with anyone of Muslim descent. The common notion in America is that all Muslim people come here to America to cause harm even though that is not the case.

The US has set up strong legislature so another attack like the one in 9/11 won’t happen again, but at the cost of people having an irrational fear of an innocent race. Many people are suspicious of Muslims beliefs and motives. Aside from this, Muslims experience a widespread hostility toward their faith alone. This combination of heightened fear of the Muslim race created the higher racism rate in the US.

Another race that experiences this is the African America race. African-Americans have a harder time with getting a decent education for their kids, finding a well-paying career, and life in general. It is common that many will say that African-Americans are not treated any differently than the average white person but they do not know all the facts. Many will say that the color of their skin does not matter but, it interferes huge aspects of their life. In America, African-Americans have a much higher change of something happening to them than the average Caucasian person.

According to New York Times, “Many reports have shown that people of color have a 70% higher chance of getting arrested while a Caucasian could get pulled over the same thing and they would get away free with no charges.” African-Americans have to overcome many obstacles simply to get where they want to be in life and sadly most of the time many minorities just accept where they are now because they become overwhelmed of their social status in the US simply from being a certain race. White get so many things handed to them most do not even realize, in fact, most of us take those opportunities for granted and they still complain about what they have.

Another issue that the US encounters is that the lack of acceptance of other cultures. Culture is what makes America the country it is today. Variety of cultures ranging from Hispanic to Asian are rich in the United States. Many are okay with this diversity, but some people believe that bringing another person country in the US Will cause the American culture to vanish. Which then leads to people acting racist towards a culture that isn’t the traditional American. For example, there have been hundreds of cases where the US public is offended by clothing that people wear that is considered un-American.

According to the ACLU, “in 2006, there were 154 cases of discrimination or harassment in which a Muslim woman’s head covering was identified as the factor that triggered the incident. The most common complaint in these cases was being prohibited from wearing a head covering, which accounted for 44 incidents.” Basically, Muslim women have been attacked solely based on what they wear. The person who makes this attack on these women most likely see that their cultural head covering is a symbol of the love of another country which makes them lash out towards them

Having pride in one’s country is wonderful, but when that pride causes other races to feel little it’s when it’s gone too far. Whether it be White, Latino, African American, and so on, some have a higher sense of national pride. Sometimes this prude can lead to racist attacks because again, anything that they see as a threat to the American way of life is a danger to them. There are also instances where minorities are racist amongst themselves due to this way of thinking. An example of this would be the recent Kaepernick controversy.

What he did was that he decided to act for the current political climate and decided to kneel during the National Anthem in his Football games. Kneeling isn’t such a big deal, but President Trump believes that kneeling during the anthem is disrespectful to American men and women who have served for this country. The interesting thing here is that the President repeatedly attempts to re-focus this act of the protest as a protest of the American flag instead of against racism issue in the US. One living in the US simply must turn on the news and see all the headlines that cover topics of people committing racial attacks regularly.

Issue of Racism in the United States essay

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