Issue of Gun Violence among Children

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There have been many crimes committed by people with guns. It have become a big problem in our schools. People are wondering how children are getting these guns and committing crimes at schools, in their communities, and at their homes. I have researched it have been at least “ 26,000 children and teenagers younger than 18 have been killed by gunfire in the United States between 1999 and 2016, according to mortality data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Ingraham para.2). Statistics has shown the deadliest year is 2018, It have been more than 48,819 children that have committed crimes with guns. There have been many cases that had an big impact on everyone in the nation because these children have taken innocent lives.

I will start with the Columbine High School massacre. It was on April 20,1999 at Columbine High School in Columbine, it was an unincorporated area in Jefferson County (Jeffco), Colorado, United States, close by Littleton in Denver metropolitan area. The two active shooters were students that were seniors and there names were Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. The two young men also created several homemade bombs. They placed two of the largest bombs in the cafeteria of the school, placed bombs in the parking lot, and another location was intended to divert first responders. The bombs in the car and cafeteria did not detonate. There motives for the bombing was unclear to investigators, but they found that they planned this about an year. This massacre was the most deaths in the United States history. This bombing was referred to by the United States of America as a suicidal attack that was planned as a grand terrorist bombing.. They murdered 12 students and one teacher. Before they committed suicide, they injured 21 additional people with gunshots and exchanged gunfire with the police.

The local police delayed going into school and they were heavily criticized for not immediately intervening during the shooting. The police department was introduced to an Immediate Action Rapid Deployment tactic, which is used for active shooters with no intention to take hostages. It also resulted in an increased emphasis on school security with zero tolerance policies, and sparked debate over gun control laws, high school cliques, subcultures, and bullying; as well as a moral panic over goths, gun culture, social outcasts, the use of pharmaceutical antidepressants by teenagers, teenage Internet use and violence in video games. The crime has inspired several copycats, and ‘Columbine’ has become a euphemism for a school shooting. At the time, it was the most deaths ever to happen from one. People are probably still wondering till this day, what could have led these two teens to committing such a crime.

The next shooting took place in two places in Red Lake Indian Reservation in Red Lake,Minnesota,United States. Jeffrey Weise an 16-year, father committed suicide in 1997 and his mother suffered severe brain damage after a car accident and she was placed in a nursing home to be taken care of. Weiss was forced to move from Minneapolis to live with his father family so he was placed officially to live with his grandmother Weiss was was forced to move from Minneapolis to live with his father’s family on the reservation so he was officially placed with his grandmother, Shelda (Gurnea) Luddite, and his aunts Shauna and Tammy Lussier, after grandmothers death in 2003. They helped him with getting treatment to deal with behavior issues and depression. His grandfathers married a younger woman and tried to start a new life. On the day of March 21,2005, Jeffrey Weise an 16-year old killed his grandfather (a tribal police officer) and his girlfriend at their home. He then took his grandfather’s weapons, police vest, and vehicle and drove to Red Lake Senior High School, where he was previously a student some months before. He shot and killed seven people at Red Lake Senior High School, and wounded five others. Weise killed an unarmed security guard at the entrance of school, five students, and a teacher. When the police arrived, he exchanged gunfire with them. After being wounded, he shot and killed himself, and committed suicide in a vacant classroom. When thinking about this case I think staying with the grandparents were not a good idea, I believe the young man should have stayed with his aunt. He was already depressed and behaved erratically, he should not been around weapons , and he should have been placed in a center for children with issues because he was already experiencing enough tissues and this would have never happen.

The last school shooting took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (MSDH) it is a four year, comprehensive, U.S. public high school that is located in Parkland, Florida , in the metropolitan area in Miami. It is the only public high school in Parkland, and it is part of Boward County Public district, serving almost all the city limits and as well as a section of Coral Springs. The shooting occurred on February 14,2018, at the campus that wounded many and killed 17 people. The former student name was Nikolas Cruz was the shooter and he was apprehended by the police.. He was charged with first degree murder in response, and legal proceedings took place September 2018. I believe after all these shootings there should be metal detectors at each door everyday at each school, a pat down on each student and person that come in, and at least two police officers placed in each school for safety.

People should feel safe in their community and know that the police are here to protect them and resolve some situations. Parent should talk to their children about stealing and it is a crime and could be placed in jail. In March, A 15 year old boy that had broke into a Fort Pierce patrol car an stole weapons and ammunition. He was arrested a while afterward on Tuesday in March 26, 2018 according to Port St. Lucie polices. The vehicle was allegedly broken into around 2.am. by breaking out the front driver side window. He went scavenging through the vehicle and he found and took a Bushmaster AR15 rifle, a Glock handgun, two rifle magazines with ammunition and 2 Glock magazines with ammunition. He also stole a gun rack, tint meter, and laptop computer.

The young man allegedly poured bleach all over the patrol car and the car was parked at a residential area. The police department found him by DNA, while breaking in the vehicle he cut himself and he left blood droplets inside the car. The police officer went to his residence to arrest him, he ran and the police apprehended him and put him in jail. He violated his probation prior to being arrested. The charges he faced as armed burglary to a vehicle.grand theft with a firearm, a felony criminal mischief and unlawful possession of a firearm by minor. The States Attorney’s Office have to decide if they going to charge him as an adult. He had already violated his probation to prior arrest the police stated.

I think this could have been avoided because once a teen goes to jail, he or she should have an house arrest bracelet on probation. I believe if a teen committed a crime the first time, there more likely to commit another charge. The point is anything could have happen while he had those guns. He could have rob a store, robbed a home or killed someone. People should talk to their children and find out what’s causing this behavior so that they can get their child some help.

There have been crimes committed with guns by teens. This case took place in Memphis,TN in Whitehaven, two teens committed this crime. The Memphis Police Department arrestees Karltrell Morrisey, 18 and Bryan Chapman, 20 were connected to a shooting that happened this Saturday, on Delta Road and Hewlett-Packard Road around 3 p.m. One man is in critical condition now and fighting for his life. They were both arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault. These two young men probably don’t even have their gun license and probably already had a previous record. I think people should talk to someone before thinking and taking someone life. People that have been put in the jail system and released from jail, should be ordered by the judge to have a mentor to help them with getting the resources they need to stop committing crimes. It should be job training like cutting trees, fixing on homes, or concrete classes. I believe they should work for free or volunteer because they are causing chaos, by taking innocent lives or committing crimes because they have nothing to do. I believe this would cutdown on crime and it would help them give back to the communities they are causing problems in.

Parenting isn’t an easy job and many people love their children. It is very hard to think of your child harming you, on purpose or by accident. There have been many tragedies that children have hurt, killed or injure their parents or parent. A young lady name Patrice Price that was 26 years old car was stolen in Milwaukee. She had two children should loved dearly, her two year and one year old sons. She cared also for her sister name Cherneice Stewart that is paralyzed from being shot in the back. Ms. Price car was stolen an Nissan, it was stolen on a Friday near North Ave and the police didn’t recover her car or didn’t make any arrest because they couldn’t find it on any perpetrators at the time. Due to her car been stolen, she borrowed her boy friend car, that was an armed security guard. While driving a gun slid out from under the driver’s seat and her 2 year old son nor her 1 year old son was neither in car seats. Her children car seat were in the stolen car, while driving the 2 year old reached down and picked up the gun. She was not paying attention and her 2-year old fired it from the back seat. While driving on Highway 165 near W. Vliet St. about 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday she was shot by her 2 -year old son in the back.

According to the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department, her boyfriend’s security guard gun belt was on the floor of the passenger seat and the gun an .40-caliber gun on the floor in the back seat behinds driver’s seat. After the shooting , police stated that other driver had stopped their cars and pushed the car out of traffic before they arrived. Deputies pronounced her dead at the scene of the accident, despite the efforts of deputies and paramedics to revive her. The grandmother stated the 1-year old was in the front passenger seat at the time of the shooting and the car was on the side of the road with her daughter slumped over the steering wheel.

It was a similar accident that happened in Florida a month before this. A woman was shot in the back while driving by her 4-year old son also picked up a .45 caliber handgun. The mother name was Jamie Gilt and she was 31 years old and she survived the shooting. She was legally a gun owner. While she was driving, the police department stated that she placed the unholstered gun under the front seat and it slid out while she was pulling the horse trailer to pick up a horse. The 4-year old unhooked his seat belt and picked up the gun and shot his mother accidentally. I believe both of these tragic accidents could have been avoided only if they put their guns on safety, took their clips out and made sure the bullet was out of the gun, or put it in the glove department. I know guns are needed for safety but people should really pay attention to where they store there guns around babies and older children.

Many parents don’t really think talking to their children could help resolve issues they may be experiencing. It was spring break for a young man name Eric Davis Jr. age 19 and his parents were preparing to take him away from Central Michigan University. He was placed in a hospital where he was checked in for erratic behavior. Police stated that he then found his father gun and killed his mother and father a little while afterwards. He fled but was arrested early Saturday near the fringes of Mount Pleasant campus near some train tracks. It was a 26 hour man-hunt that frightened a lot of people that were there of spring recess. It was the 12 nation school shooting this year. He shot and killed his parents Diva Jeenen, 47, and police officer James Eric Davis Sr., 48 on Friday at 8:30 a.m. in the fourth floor of his for room, while they were packing his belongings for a trip back to their Chicago area home. The previous night the campus police twice encountered him behaving abnormal and he was placed in the hospital because of adverse reaction to drugs. While he was in police custody for killing his parents, he went back to the hospital Saturday morning because he was acting hypothermic and nonsensical when arrested.

I believe his father didn’t notice he needed help and he probably didn’t talk to his parents about his problems. Not talking to your children, it is hard to recognize if they are experiencing issues or having problems in their life. Knowing that he was getting treatment for something, I would have tried to find out why he was in the hospital for and I probably would have left him so that he could get help. Noticing signs or actions in your children will be very helpful with assisting with getting them help when they are drugging, wanting to commit suicide, or thinking about harming someone else.

People should place their guns in safe boxes or put a lock on them, so that it can’t be used to harm someone. In Kansas City, Missouri Courtensy Block father of Shs’Quille Kornegay 2 year old were taking a nap. She awaken and being a curious little girl , she found her father gun in the pillow. She discovered the 9- millimeter handgun and started playing with it. The father was lying down sleep and he heard the gun fire. He looked over and seen his daughter by his bed bleeding and crying and the gun at her feet. The little girl had a bullet pierced in her skull. He immediately called the police. He was charged with second degree murder and child endangerment. The prosecutor stated that this could have been preventable and he was not willing to prevent this tragic accident from happening.

“Gun control advocates say these deaths illustrate lethal gaps in gun safety laws. Some states require locked storage of guns or trigger locks to be sold with handguns. Others leave safety decisions largely to gun owners” (Healy para.10).

Knowing the rules of having a gun and putting it and keeping it in a safe place is very important. Another incident that happen while the parents were at the home and up. The children were playing and found their fathers gun. Their two year old son lost his life while playing with a firearm. The child shot himself in the head with a gun in Fresno, California. The father was crying and yelling as he were put in hand cuffs by police in Fresno, California. The father was not charged due to the gun being registered and it was in safe box, nor the wife. It is a valuable lesson these parents will never forget. Parents should talk to their children and let them know guns are not toys and should not be played with. The best place to hide a gun is in s firearm box with s lock and the key should be kept on the individual at all times.

Gun violence is a real big issue in America unlike other states. Many states takes weapons from everyone, including butter knives because they feel that they are a threat for authority and their lives. Our country is states in the third Amendment that we have the right to bear arms, but it has to be registered and the the clip should not be in while driving. Many rules are put in place because it’s dangerous when having children around or someone that may be mentally ill.

Many of these people committed suicide after they harmed or killed someone else. I believe a person could not live with killing someone because maybe it will hunt them forever. The most important lesson people should learn about gun control is not buying a gun at all if you have children. Buying or purchasing a gun should come with an lock box or lock for gun trigger.

There are many people that are purchasing stolen guns. I believe trackers should be placed on guns so that they are recovered. There have been many deadly shootings with stolen guns that have been bought off the streets. The only way to catch criminals with stolen guns is to have a gun show and offer money for guns without papers and have surveillance cameras. I believe everyone would come forward because they may need the money. Once these stolen gun are recovered, they should be checked for finger prints to see have that gun have been used in a crime. They should lock the guns up, so that no else is harmed. This would help the world become a better place.

Making sure you are safe and your children safe making sure you understand the gun law is very important. There are many violent games created that a child can use a gun to hurt a character on a video game. Talking to your child and teaching them that once a person is shot or killed with a gun, that person will no longer be here on earth. Some children watch movies that express a lot of violence. Not letting children watch dangerous television shows or movies and letting that child know it’s not realistic will help that child to understand, once a person is injured or killed , they are not coming back to play. That child would know playing with a gun is very dangerous and would teach other children his or her age that it is not a good thing to do. Gun violence is not always going to be a problem if we reach out to our children while they are young. Talking to your child about guns, bullying , and things that might be bothering them could make a big difference in society. Placing guns in lock boxes, locking the trigger area and keeping the key to the lock on you at all times will help make your home safe around children. Knowing the gun law and protecting your firearm will make a big difference.

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