Is Math Important

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I considered mathematics as a very significant tool for success because in my country getting a good grade considered very important. This attitude came from the French colonization to my country Tunisia, it was occupied by French militarily for more than 75 years. So, it was very common that French culture dominated Tunisian habits and traditions. French people considered that being good in mathematics and getting good grades can open up new opportunities to get a good major and obtain a good job in the future. So, I tried hard to study all my modules and do all my assignment and homework to be prepared in the exam.

I still remember my first real memories with the mathematics that began in the elementary years, I used to bring home assignments of several pages in order to master the basics of arithmetic principles. I went over my textbook answering many pages that included addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. What truly memorable experiences they were and still was very rewarding especially when I got the correct answers.

Mathematics becomes more demanding when I became a high school student, it was a big transition period as much as I can recall. For the 9 years of both elementary and middle school, I took math with the Arabic language, then after that in the high school years, I got it with the French language. It became more complicated and was much more difficult and it was presented as something straight forward.

During that time almost of my teachers presented examples in the class and gave the homework without much explanation. They wanted us to take a support tutorial with them and of course, it was not for free because they gonna explain more and with details the lesson and they gonna give us similar questions of the exam. The support Tutorial was quite expansive at that time, but the majority of parents did the maximum efforts for their children to get these tutorials.

I knew I had to work and concentrate in order to get a good grade. The problems complicated much of time and examining equations. When I got the chance to adopt the new concepts, I easily adjusted and was happy to get a good grade. I always like algebra than geometry because for me geometry seemed to be the most difficult at that time. It involved a lot of consideration with the principle of Pythagoras. Then, I came to appreciate the importance of its relationship with regards to other subject area and its corresponding practical applications. I felt comfortable when algebra was the focus of attention in the class, I felt that I was able to absorb the lessons quite well and more easily than my friends.

During my university study, I took a Business major and I thought that the math will be easy but the surprise was no math classes at all !! yes no math needed.

After a few years I moved to live with my husband in the United States and I started over my study to build a new career. So I took ESL classes then I took the math placement test and I started MTE classes, math 130, chemistry 101 and now I take math 155. I hope this class will be easy and I will study hard to get an A grade.

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