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Is Global Warming Hoax

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Is Global Warming Hoax essay
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According to the topic assigned, why there are group of people who believe that global warming is hoax, first and foremost some important knowledge on the topic is highlighted. Global warming means that a continuous incline in the earth atmospheric temperature. It is associated with greenhouse effect which is caused by the raise in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The greenhouse gases are Carbon Dioxide, Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) and other pollutants.

Besides that, global warming is an ecologic miniature of the world climate pattern changes based on the burning of fossil fuels, enormous deforestation and conversion of cropland to industrial and other civilization uses which all contributing to an incline in the earth’s temperature. This further explains that the human activities like destroying the forests and too much of usage of fossil fuels causes the earth’s temperature to increase and thus causes global warming.
Furthermore, global warming is an effect occurring in the atmosphere because of the presence of certain gases called greenhouse gases that absorb infrared radiation.

Light and ultraviolet radiation from the sun is able to penetrate the atmosphere and warm the earth’s surface. This energy is re-radiated as infrared radiation, which because if it’s longer wavelength is absorbed by substances like carbon dioxide. The greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon, without which the earth’s climate would be much more adverse to life.

However, emission of carbon dioxide from human activities like farming, industry and transport have surged markedly in the last 150 years ago. The overall effect is that the average temperature of the earth and its atmosphere is increasing, causing global warming. The effect is similar to that occurring in a greenhouse, where light and long wavelength ultraviolet radiation can pass through the glass into the greenhouse but the infrared radiation is absorbed by the glass and part of it is re-radiated in the greenhouse.

The global warming is seen as a major environmental hazard. Average rise in temperature are likely to change weather patterns and agricultural output. It is already causing the polar ice caps to melt with a corresponding rise in sea level. Carbon dioxide from coal-fired power stations and car exhausts is the main greenhouse gas. Other contributory pollutants are nitrogen oxides, ozone, methane and chlorofluorocarbons. Many countries have now agreed targets to limit emission of greenhouse gases, such as switching to renewable energy sources.

While there is broad scientific agreement that an increase in atmospheric temperature is occurring, there is no consensus regarding its likely extent. An average rise of up to 5 degree Celsius by the year 2100 has been predicted, which would cause a significant raising of the sea level, due to melting of polar ice, and unpredictable climatic changes, probably with far-reaching consequences. Remedial measures would include reducing the world’s production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases and reversing the trend of deforestation.

As global warming is an alarming issue awaiting for mankind’s full attention to overcome it, there exist a group of people who believe that global warming is a hoax. These groups of people are under the impression that there is no global warming happening as there are some locations on the earth are very cold, with temperature below zero degree Celsius. Furthermore they believed those unofficial statements released regarding the decline in the global warming and thus stopped taking further actions to overcome the increasing global warming warnings.

There are a lot of reasons as why these people believe that the global warming is a hoax, further discussed in this project and also the evidences that the global warming is real. Global warming I occurring now and proven to have actually been affecting the ecosystem since the past decade.


As many people are experiencing the extreme temperatures in most countries all around the world, there do exist some people who don’t believe the occurrence of this hazardous phenomena.

Is Global Warming Hoax essay

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