Indian Government’s Steps against Drug Addiction

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Indian government has already started taking rigorous footsteps in curbing the increasing menace of Drug addiction. The government can take many more steps in order to eradicate it completely. The steps should be taken wisely and also economically which will help each and every Drug addict. The following measures should be taken:

  • Drug Addiction Treatment

This treatment is needed for the individuals to stop compulsive consuming of the drugs. The duration of this treatment is subjective as it depends from person to person and how they really recover. It involves continuous monitoring and interventions. This therapy depends on the kind of the drug the patient is consuming. It includes behavioral management therapy, physiological lectures, meditation and medications. The types of medications also depends from the types of drugs consumed. For example buprenorphine, used to treat heroin addiction.

  • Rehab centers

Rehabilitation services and programs are as different as the individual’s are in need for quick recovery from the ailment they suffer from. The purpose of Rehab centers is to return a patient back to a normal, healthy condition. The government has already starting to set up various rehab centers all over the country. The only problem is the Government of India doesn’t maintain it well which doesn’t encourage people to enroll in these Rehab centers. There are many types of rehab services available like.

  • Physical services

is available for teens, adolescents as well as adults. Physical therapy typically includes exercises, awareness, brainwashing lectures, and other interventions to improve the patient’s quality of life.
Occupational therapy- This majorly includes to divert a persons attention from taking drugs repetitively. It is done through providing these people basic services and keeping them fully occupied and then giving them training and ensuring that they keep up their hobbies the entire time.

  • Auditory therapy

focuses on providing training and treatment to improve hearing. Audiologists are licensed, and they diagnose and make recommendations on amplification/hearing aids to improve communication as the victims are in dire need of communicating with someone who would understand them as they are feeling lonely .School lectures- As drug abuse and drug addiction is increasing in teenagers Indian Government should collaborate with many schools and colleges and impart to them the atrocities of taking drugs and try to make the session more interactive so that the children remain focused and grasp things easily.

  • Meditation/Spirituality

The government can guide the drug addicts to take a spiritual route as it completely heals the body and calms the mind of the addict person. The government can offer these programs in the school curriculum and also in the Rehab centers wherein people will come out and participate in such programs. Also these programs should be free of cost or to the minimal amount. As most of the addicts are rural people, street side people and teenagers who don’t have minimal to no money.

  • Social interactions

The government should set up more and more of human libraries as the people who consume drugs are mostly lonely and depressed as there is no one to talk to them. So with the human libraries coming up they might open up and feel no need to consume drugs. Human libraries will not only help the addicts to overcome their drug problem but will also help them to improvise their personality and to open up in public places.

These are the programs which the Government of India can implement efficiently and more effectively. As these programs will definitely help the drug addicts to come out of their comfort shell and face the reality without any support of these drugs.


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