Nicolas Carr’s Main Point in Article About Google

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In Nicolas Carr’s article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” the main point is that the Internet becomes our main sources of information, but spending too much time using the computer, browsing on the Internet had created a negative impacts to our brain and because of this internet negative influences the way we used read has been changed. He includes the history of technology from clock to computer and the technology tools that we use practically in all circumstances.

At the beginning of Carr’s article, he demonstrates a scene from the movies “2001:Space Odyssey”. A melodramatic part between supercomputer HAL begging for his life from unstoppable astronaut named Dave who’s pulling and disconnecting HAL’s memory. The supercomputer HAL describes how he feels while his memory is fading away. As per Carr, this scene is similar to us, like Hal, acting like a human and Dave, acting like a computer that manipulates our brain by the Internet. He describes that he had this feeling that something or someone in his head tried to remap and reprogram his memory. According to Carr, his mind is still there, but spending too much time on the computer, surfing and browsing online, costing effects on the way his thinking. He explains that his natural deep reading that he used to be was become a struggle.

For Carr, he thinks that the Internet turn out to be a common instrumental way of information and it can be a big help not just for him and also for others. But the advantage of instant help affect his ability to concentrate and contemplate. Carr explains on his own words: “Once I was a scuba diver in the sea of words. Now I zip along the surface like a guy on a jet ski.

According to Carr, we read more today that we did back in 1970’s or 1980’s, but he added that in different kind of reading and thinking, he mentions the developmental psychologist Maryanne Wolf words: “We are not only what we read.” Wolf is worried about the style of our reading that we learn on the Internet might be weaken our ability of deep reading and because of technology our ability of thinking and reading has downgraded.

Carr explains how the use of Internet may affect us. He includes Friedrich Nietzsche’s story back in 1880’s. He describes Nietzsche style of writing change because of the typewriter. Nietzsche says when he started to use typewriter the writing was become easier but it changed the style of his writing. Nietzsche’s writing was already in short style and it has become even more concise. Carr explains that the human brain was enormously flexible and that it has the ability to reprogram itself, and the ability to change the way it works.

Carr mentions Lewis Mumford describes how the clock “disassociated time from human events and help create the belief in an independent world of mathematically measurable sequences.” Carr also says the creation of clock helped to create the scientific mind but also it took something away our sense of thought. He added that the process of adopting to new technology is exposed the changing of our ability to explain ourselves

Carrs Carr includeagr Taylor’s (who is Taylor? Explain) experiment about the factory hand workers and the metal working machine. He says that people change their behaviors because of algorithms, start new sentence employees complaining that this type of instruction turningagr, verb form them into more like a machinesagr. He compares this as example of what Google does to our mind. He argues that the Internet is the perfect algorithm to describe as knowledge work.to describe what? This needs to e explained.

Carrs describes that the Google Company is trying to makesagr mw product more compatible by understanding what people said and giving a direct answers. He also says that in Google’s view, by accessing more information the more creative we become as a thinkers. In addition, he mentions the two gifted young men Brin and Page that they want to turn Google into an artificial intelligence and this might be smarter that people.

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