Importance of Identity

Updated April 25, 2022

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Importance of Identity essay

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In university, people learn about “identity” so much. What is the importance of knowing own identity? Many people have the experience to think about this question, “Who Am I?” Usually, many Japanese university students spend a lot of time to find the answer, because when people enter university, they can meet so many people and get many kinds of new experiences. For example, start a part-time job, join a new community at university, study more specific than high school and get more freedom. After entering university, students get freedom and more responsibility. They must choose own direction.

They are two important points, self-identity, and gender identity. Self-identity is a very important thing to keep people’s life quality. Merriam-Webster (2019) says the definition of identity is “the distinguishing character or personality of an individual.” Sometimes Japanese people do not care about their identity, but it is actually a very serious problem. People need to understand themselves. There are four reasons. First, it can enlarge their characters. When they know who they are, they can have confidence in themselves and are able to identify their strengths. Second, it keeps them unique and categorizes them from everyone else. If people do not try to find their identity, they cannot love themselves. This means they cannot cherish themselves. Third, continuing their self-identity keeps them comfortable. They understand themselves, weakness and rid themselves of insecurities and become comfortable with who they are. Finally, people become more aware of their immediate environment, and their position. They are all here for a purpose and recognizing our self-identity equips us with what we need to live out that purpose.

So, people should maintain their self-identity and remain honest to themselves anytime. The other important point is gender-identity. There are many kinds of gender. The most common generic name is LGBTQ and now, users of Twitter can choose their gender from fifty-eight choices. People have many choices than before. One of the most serious issues is Gender identity disorder (GID). Japan times (2014) says “the discontent or confusion resulting from the disconnection between the sex and gender people are assigned at birth and the way people genuinely feel and act.” Usually, people who have this problem notice this discomfort in their childhood and confuse a lot. In Japan, when they enter elementary school, children learn to group behavior and children notice a sense of incompatibility as they grow up, so a child who is different from the others notice this difference and try to hide it because children do not have enough knowledge to understand this difference. Because of this, children with GID are often bullied and ignored by classmates. People have the prejudice of gender unconsciously. For example, girls should wear pink stuff, and boys should wear blue or black stuff. These prejudices can be a trigger for many distressing and troubling issues If left undiagnosed, and children try to conceal the characters, it might lead to restless disorder, depression, and suicidal thoughts. In order to prevent this, the school has to provide enough education, and most important is an understanding from being reliable such as parents, friends and themselves.

In conclusion, understanding ourselves is essential to living comfortably. I have been to the US for five mouths. I noticed that the Japanese value reputation from others at the time. This is because people who have differences from others such as appearance or personality can be a target of burring, especially in elementary school. The most important thing for kids to live in a peaceful society is to realize that it is wonderful to have differences from others. In addition, they need to boost self-esteem.

Importance of Identity essay

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