Impact of Smartphones on Modern Life

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Smartphone technology has become a great part of the American culture as well as the entire world. A smartphone can be seen in any place you go, and in the hands of almost all groups of people. The technology looks like it appeared suddenly, and perhaps it is going to stay with us for a considerably long period of time. A smartphone is utilized for both personal and business needs.

The lives of many have transformed quite considerably with the discovery of smartphone technology, with both helpful and debatably unhelpful results. In a precise meaning, a smartphone is a portable phone device that can do much more as compared to other phones. Smartphones operate like computer however, it is small and can fit in an operator’s hand.

Smartphone technology has a wide range of applications, which includes:

  • Determining the operator’s exact location by utilizing the global positioning system (GPS) satellites
  • Browsing the internet using a mobile browser
  • Barcode scanning
  • Playing games
  • Video chats
  • Point of sale terminal when paying for goods or services
  • Registering contacts
  • Creating high-quality photographs or video
  • Sending as well as receiving text, emails, multimedia messages and photographs
  • Calculator and alarm among other

Impacts of Smartphones

Smartphone technology has numerous applications and impacts in almost every sector of our economy if not all. This technology has impacted nearly all walks of human beings’ lives. The well noticeable parts, where influences of Smartphones have been seen, comprise of; social life, education sectors, business, healthcare and many other things. Smartphone technology has also significantly transformed the cultural beliefs and conduct of people. The effects associated with the technology are both positive as well as negative. Smartphones have allowed people to remain connected all the time.


Smartphones have shaped and formed a new dimension of doing business in the world. It is not only the Smartphone dealers benefiting from the business, but it also formed a new domain for the Internet services provider, mobile application developing businesses among other sectors of life to use the technology to gain competitive benefits.

Many companies and businesses today depend heavily on the email functions built into a smartphone where a user can access so easily as long as they are connected to the internet. There are also countless modern technologies that have started for example the capability to utilize your smartphone as GPS (global positioning satellite) to assist speed you about everyday traffic flow.


The concepts and the significance of education have remained excellent and principled since the time in human history and the struggles to advance the value of education has risen all through. Also, the smartphone ‘s technology presented additional means for the knowledge fans to accomplish their aim and aspirations.


According to a study, nearly half users of Smartphone utilize their mobile phone to read health-related articles.

Social Impacts

Social lifecycle has been considerably transformed with the invention of smartphones and this field has faced a majority of the impacts. Nowadays, most people who are using smartphones can access anything they want. This is because smartphones can be connected to bank accounts as well as other personal accounts.


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